The Unforgettable Three Day Chernobyl Tour

Visit a deserted soviet area where the clock stopped. Discover the abandoned ghost town of Pripyat from the «Bridge of Death» to the iconic Fairground, learn the silent damage of the accident and the results of the operations of decontamination. This tour will give you an opportunity to feel the postapocalyptic atmosphere.

On the first day of the tour you will discover the administrative center of the prior Chernobyl Region called Chernobyl and other former residential zones that are now abandoned. It will allow you to estimate the scope of the Chernobyl accident and investigate the reasons for the worst nuclear disaster in the world by visiting the site of the tragedy.
Meals and accommodation are included. TOUR ITINERARY

On the second day you will learn about the events of the “COLD WAR” by exploring the secret military site of the Radar Station well-known as a «Russian Woodpecker». Experience the aftermaths of the explosion by visiting the iconic places of the zone. Follow the footprints of liquidators by exploring the abandoned machinery, the «Jupiter» factory and the others.
Meals and accommodation are included

Visit rare and almost untouched villages of the exclusion zone. Learn historical and scientific facts about the area from the English-speaking guide. This day will bring you to the secret and unique corners of the zone. Be inspired by the local life and the stories you will hear from the «BABUSHKAS» who inhabited the area in the aftermath of the accident trying to rebuild their lives and return them back to normal.
Breakfast and lunch are included

2-day Chernobyl tours


# Cost per person US$ EUR€
1 Regular tour for one from * 439.00
2 Private Tour for one 1250.00
3 Private Tour for two 700.00

  • As an alternative to the basic accommodation in Chernobyl we offer fully serviced luxury with all modern day conveniences. Our Room suites are air-conditioned and they are equipped with a fully fitted Kitchen, Dining Area and Living Room.
    The room with 2 singles beds cost US $ 59 per room.
    The room with queen size bed cost US $ 59 per room.
    The suite room with king size bed cost US $ 79 per room.
    Triple room (Cottage #2) US $109.00 for the whole huta or US $30.00 per bed not less than 2 beds at time to occupy. visit site


Our system allows you to choose and change the day of the tour, number of seats, lunch preferences (meat or poultry, vegan or gluten free, etc), add an extra activity or extra comfort (VIP vehicle or guide who speaks your language). Arrange your accommodation in the zone, drone permit and pick up details.


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Things to know when visiting Chernobyl

When you decide to visit Chernobyl please considers the following tips that will help you to enjoy the tour. Unfortunately we’ve witness too many disappointment so we simply must share these thoughts with you.
- Book well in advance! We don’t try to trick you when we say that. Booking on a short notice doesn’t work anymore. Give yourself at least a week or better two before the tour.
- Allow yourself minimum one day of rest in Kiev if you travel from overseas. This will also help if your flight is delayed.
- Take it easy on local food and drinks before the tour. Don’t let food poisoning ruined the journey you’ve probably dreamed of for a long time. Alcohol is extremely cheap in Ukraine – but please take it easy on it the day before. And consider other travelers who will be on the bus with you for almost a 12 hours ride.
- Beware of pick pocketing in public transportation and on the streets! Loosing your wallet and passport will not just cancel your tour but it will turn your visit into nightmare of getting your travel document from a consulate in Ukraine.
Personal radiation dosimeters and Geiger counters are two different things. PRD are provided by authorities to measure the radiation exposed to an individual during the tour (they are mandatory and included into the cost). But the data from those dosimeters can be read on a special equipment (there is no gauge or display). While Geiger counters show actual levels of radiation on a digital display in micro sieverts (they are optional and cost $8 per day).
If you have any question you’re welcome to email us or to come to our office in downtown Kiev.
Victoria Vilchinska. Director SoloEast Travel.

The tour is 100% safe. You have to follow very simple rules you sign upon entering the Exclusion Zone. The most important things to remember are to watch your steps and follow your guide’s instructions. Please watch this video for the detailed information.


If you prefer a guide who speaks your language, you can enjoy our own GPS Chernobyl Tour application. It is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.