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book in advance! private trip is totally worth it!!

June 17, 2019

This was our 2nd trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, both times with SoloEast Travel Chernobyl. The first time we went was a regular group ticket, 1d trip which served the purpose and was great. However, this time we wanted the individual treat so we booked a private tour, and it was WORTH IT. Our guide was Igor, he was super nice and very experienced. He showed us lots of great places and we learned a lot from him. My personal highlight was the visit of the train station and the yacht anchorage place. Visiting Chernobyl still is controversial, at least where we come from in Switzerland. However, this place, whilst it may be dead for humans forever, is such a great place of nature and is fully alive for all sorts of animals. We should respect what happened more than 30 years ago but we should also give this wonderful piece of land a chance. Go there, see for yourself, treat the place and history with respect and be fascinated by the nature. We can highly recommend SoloEast Travel, and if you have the chance to sign with Igor, do so. He is a gem!

flosandra Basel, Switzerland

Absolute Must Do!

June 17, 2019

The tour with Alex was such a memorable experience. He kept everyone safe the entire time, gave great information and made sure we moved along at a good pace. I loved every minute of this interesting tour and highly recommend SoloEast as a very organized tour company.

Kckenney1 Madrid, Spain


June 13, 2019

Our friend suggest to join SoloEast agency for the Chernobyl tour and he was right they are really kind and helpful, since the beginning when we were planning the trip. We book a one day private tour, our guide Igor has been great he picksup us from the hotel in Kiev, and drive us to the tour answering all our questions, optimizing time and showing the best spot avoiding to stay in the same spot with other group. We where able to visit Chernobyl, Chernobyl-2 , Prypiat , Chernobyl Plant from outside. We Trully recommend it ….We suggest a two days tour …..there are a lot of things to see, that’s why we are already thinking to plan another Tour! 😀


Fascinating trip with wonderful tour guide

June 13, 2019

This tour is an absolute must. Chernobyl and the surrounding areas are some of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been to — a dilapidated time capsule of Soviet life. The tour itself is very well-organized, with comfortable transport, informative documentary videos along the journey, adequate time spent at each location, and convenient pick-up and drop-off locations. No review would be complete, however, without glowing praise for our lovely tour guide, Tanya. She was very knowledgeable on the subject, and made the whole tour come to life with her descriptions of the locations and historic events, in addition to answering everyone’s numerous questions. Thank you for such a thrilling day!

mayopayo Toronto, Canada

Amazing day out and lots of info to learn

June 5, 2019

I went on the Solo East Chernobyl 1 day tour and man, was it great! Pick up was at Independence Square, which was right opposite my hotel and saved having to trek to the train station for 8am! Diana (our guide) and Alex (our driver) were fab, asking us what we wanted to see in Pripyat and took us to the fair ground,swimming pool and the stadium, supermarket, school no.3 and other bits, they gave us an added bonus of visiting the railway station! Diana was happy to answer any questions we threw her way and the lunch we had in Chernobyl town was lovely, i just couldnt eat it all! Its a shame building access has been restricted but its understandable when you see that roofs have collapsed and floors are giving way, however to see how much nature has reclaimed is incredible. Even in Pripyat its hard to see the buildings for the trees and it was interesting when Diana held up photos of what it looked like to see how much has been taken back by trees. Even seeing Duga3 was an eye opener, you hear about its height and length, but its only when you are walking up to it that you can fully comprehend the size! If visiting Chernobyl is on your bucket list, book it sooner rather than later! You wont regret it 🙂

chillinlady Coventry, United Kingdom

Two-day Chernobyl

May 25, 2019

Based on the knowledge of Chernobyl, I had a fairly high level of expection, and now I would like to say this SoloEast tour is truly praise worthy. Booking was smooth and the two-day trip was compatible. Food was definitely the best in an exclusion zone. Our guides, Vika and Diana, were enthusiastic and friendly. Vika explained a lot of our questions, in which the professional parts made good complements. She also asked about our feelings throughout the trip. She is the best guide I have ever met. Also it was pleasantly surprised to see a Pink Floyd song in the introductory video. I hope to be back in a winter. That must be a different experience.

诚明 吕 Suzhou, China

SoloEast Chernobyl Day Tour

May 22, 2019

Just like the next guy, I have seen many videos, images and documentaries about Chernobyl. Decided to book a tour with SoloEast based on the excellent review’s and recommendations, and I’m glad I did! The tour was extremely well organised, covered reactor 4, Chernobyl, Pripyat and numerous abandoned villages on the way! The tour guides were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Lead by Yuliya, she was very engaging with the group, her English was excellent and would go above and beyond to satisfy everyone’s requirements! Seeing the totally abandoned city of Pripyat will send shivers down your spine! This should be on top of everyone’s list and through SoloEast tours, its the only way to experience this incredible place!

Zak L

Diana is the best tutor we could imagine

May 18, 2019

So. It supposed to be another lazy and boring trip to Tschernobyl. Suddenly it appeard we met Diana. what a girl … although in a way to tschernobyl she wasnt really kind during the trip she was the best tutor we could imagine. She was helpful and showed us all the places that we wanted to see. Going on a tour with her was the best tschernobyl experiencie that we could have. Lunch during a day was disaster, cause they did not sell the beer. Take some sandwiches from kiev. Important thing – if you have a bachelor party, there is no place in zone where you can find any alcohol. Another great person I should mention – Siergiej – our driver. Without his help we wouldnt be alive right now. He found the first „magazin” he could where we could buy the water and some snacks. Without his help this trip would not be do great. Coming back to Diana … we were the worst group she could imagine – 9 guys going to dangerous place. What did she do to us … everyone was listening to her, looking at her, doing everything (almost) she wanted. Just ask Diana what to see and she will show you the best what is to see in Tschernobyl. If you want to go there, do it. If you want to have boring trip – dont choose her. If u want to have best experience ever – this i the right address.

tomekc176 Poznan, Poland

Amazing tour, highly recommended!

May 12, 2019

Tanya is incredibly knowledgeable, she gave us such great insights and was also able to explain us the more technical side of what has happend in 1986. Very impressive. The tour itself is perfect in terms of duration. It’s an intense day but it covers all sights, we thoroughly enjoyed it and had great fun. An impression of our friend Christian below, who perfected his photo pose throughout the day.

IvoM1986 Amsterdam, The Netherlands


May 7, 2019

Could not recommend this enough. I jave wanted to visit Chernobyl for years, this tour did not disappoint, our tour guide was brilliant and so informative. Everything ran as clockwork and we have absolutely no complaints at all. I would love to revisit for the 2 day tour one day.

Hol899 Bolton, United Kingdom

Absolutely Fascinating!

May 2, 2019

My dad and I went on the private Chernobyl tour this weekend and it exceeded all expectations. Such a sad but fascinating tour. Our guide Igor was outstanding and incredibly knowledgeable, he really made the trip what it was! Thank you!

Sroches Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Amazing, fascinating, heart-wrenching!

April 29, 2019

Couldn’t fault this tour. Anastasia was a fantastic guide – very knowledgeable, funny, attentive and reassuring. The excursion from Kyiv is one of a kind; you will never experience anything like this elsewhere. I learned so much about the accident, radiation and Soviet society in the 1980’s. The tour included stops at Chernobyl town, a kindergarten in Kopachi village, the power plant (where it’s safe to get within 300m of the failed reactor), the Duga radar listening station and Pripyat town. It was amazing to walk around abandoned streets and buildings, imagining how life was before the reactor exploded, and what became of the people who used to live there. Very sad, but very educational. Having to pass military checkpoints added to the excitement and uniqueness of the day. Eating lunch in a lovely cafe in Chernobyl town (all food brought in from outside the exclusion zone!) was just bizarre. I’d definitely recommend this trip and would go again if I return to Kyiv. Not to be missed!


Second visit, as excellent as the first

April 24, 2019

This was my second trip to Chernobyl with Solo East, and was just as fantastic as the first. Our guide was the incredibly friendly, informative and funny Vika, who gave a fantastic tour and was able to answer any and all questions our tour group had. It’s a jam-packed day – leaving Kyiv around 8.30 and returning about 10 hours later. Lunch is included in Chernobyl’s #1 canteen (with food brought it from outside the exclusion zone…) I cannot recommend a trip to Chernobyl enough; it is fascinating and a deeply enlightening look into a horrific event of global significance. Solo East are the leaders in the field and provide an excellently organised day tour.

travelsofchris London, United Kingdom

A once in a lifetime experience guided to perfection!

April 16, 2019

After 5 years of talking about it, I finally booked my tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Right from the beginning of the idea for this trip, I always planned to use Solo East Travel, and I’m so glad I did. They were amazing from start to finish. Any question I had before the trip, no matter how big or small was answered extremely quickly via email in brilliant English, with the option to call via Skype if I needed more information. But the information was always enough. We chose to book a private tour, rather than a public tour. I have no doubt that a public tour would be equally as excellent, but from my experience of a private tour, I couldn’t recommend this option enough, it was truly amazing. And a large reason for this was our guide, Igor. He was brilliant. Igor’s knowledge of the accident, the zone and all associated events was incredible. And to mention his very good humor on the drive to and from Kyiv, and within the zone. Being in such a small group, we were able to ask Igor whatever questions we wanted, and every answer was given with a smile and lots and lots of information. Igor’s knowledge of the zone was amazing, he navigated the zone, the roads and Pripyat as if he’d lived there all of his life. He was able to point out radiation hotspots, invisible to the eye, as if they were signposted, and could even very accurately predict the µSv/hr with close accuracy without a Geiger Counter(his knowledge and experience is that good). And when we checked with our counters, he was right! I’d highly recommend hiring a Geiger counter as part of your tour. Whilst not necessary to enjoy the experience, for the minimal cost, it’s a brilliant tool (even if only for photographs!). The click of the counter from your pocket is a constant reminder of where you our and the danger of radiation. Generally, the counters remained quiet throughout large portions of the day, until we put them where Igor expertly guided us to, and they go wild! It truly was incredible. Igor, if you read this. Thank you so very much for such an incredible day. You made our experience truly once in a life time. I’d have absolutely no hesitation to recommend that people ask for you as their guide, you were brilliant. And thank you to all of Solo East for your hospitality. I have already recommended Solo East to so many people when they saw my photos on Facebook & Instagram and asked how they could do the same. Thank you for a once in a life time trip, and if I ever do return, I will definitely use Solo East again, and hopefully Igor too. Thank you, Michael & Chris (UK)

Michael & Chris (UK)

To Chernobyl by train

April 10, 2019

Travelled to Kiev by airplane and stayed the night as usual. Was well placed on a train to Slavutycv and had a great trip. Had a very interesting conversation with a Ukrainian on most of the trip. Spent the night at Slavutych Hotel, highly recommendable, and then travelled to Chernobyl power plant by train, crossing the Dnepr river was just one of the experiences. The following days offered experiences as; VIP tour at the powerplant, 5 hour visit at the DUGA radar installation, Pripyat and surrounding areas. Just fantastic …. Our guide, Igor Bodnarchuk, holds a great deal of credit for this amazing trip. Not only knowing his way around the area, but also a highly knowledgeable person about the history of this area. And furthermore, a very kind person, taking his time to visit the elderly, and often lonely, resettelers in the area, ‘off duty’. Thank you SoloEast and Igor for an unforgettable trip ! We will meet again !

Lars L

Incredible Chernobyl experience

April 5, 2019

Three of us visitied Chernobyl in April, the tour more than lived up to expectation and was without doubt a travel highlight for us. Our guide Nazar was incredible, very knowledgable, funny, and timed everything perfectly to avoid other groups and give us a real Chernobyl experience. I cannot recommend Soloeast and Nazar highly enough, it’s a trip that will stay with us for years to come.

James E

Captivating tour of Chernobyl with excellent tour guide, Tania!

April 4, 2019

The Chernobyl tour with solo east is one of the most capitvating and engaging tours I’ve been on – I highly recommend! Our guide, Tania, was fantastic. She was super informed on the range of technical and political issues surrounding Chernobyl. With over 300 Chernobyl visits under her belt, Tania had a lot of experience to share with us. Tania spoke excellent english and was easily able to answer our many questions. In a place like Chernobyl, safety is always on your mind, Tania made us feel really comfortable and at ease, giving us great tips to make sure we wouldn’t have to leave our pants behind (it’s happened before!). Overall, the tour kept a good pace, giving us enough time to see various interesting places, including abandoned kindergarden, sports complex, ferris wheel and the not-so-secret Soviet missile radar.



April 1, 2019

What a spectacular trip. The driver,Sergei,drove us safely there and back. SoloEast had everything organised well. The highlight of our tour was our guide, Nazar. He is a book of knowledge about history and it made the visit more meaningful knowing many of the facts behind this disastrous event in our modern day history. Nazar looked after everybody and made sure we were fully aware of the procedures for the visit. He was patient,kind and professional. Thanks to SoloEast, Sergei and Nazar for an amazing, memorable trip to Chornobyl.

Maureen K Sydney, Australia

Very impressive experience

March 30, 2019

This trip was a mindblowing experience! We did some research in advance, but the excursion exceeded our expectations. Everything was very well organised. Nazar was an excellent tour guide, with a lot of knowledge about the area and a good sense of humour. Overall well worth the price and we can definitely recommend SoloEast.

Ragna_vdw Aalst, Belgium

Great tour with guide and driver Igor

March 22, 2019

Had a great day with an awesome tourguide, Igor. He made sure we got to see all the highlights and gave lots of information. A big pluss was that he tried to go to the places where no one was so we were the only group to explore the place.


Wonderful tour to one of the most unique places on the planet

March 22, 2019

We had our tour with Anastasia, and it really was an excellent trip! Both guide and driver were friendly and super helpful. We got some fabulous insights and information about Chernobyl, highly recommend!

Allyh_1989 Glasgow, United Kingdom

Very well organised. Didn't disappoint!

March 18, 2019

Very well organised. Didn’t disappoint! Superb trip, taking you round what you hope to see and more. Decent bus, almost enough loo stops and forewarned when the next one will be. Tour guide spoke excellent English and was clearly knowledgeable. Thoroughly recommend.

Paulskii London


March 5, 2019

The tour was excellent and the guide was really great! Also communication with SoloEast before the trip was really smooth. Highly recommended.


Amazing and interesting tour!

March 3, 2019

The Chernobyl tour of this interesting place was amazing! our tour guide Anastasia, was so lovely and very informative about the whole day, I would definitely recommend! this day out tour if you’re in Kyiv, it was absolutely wicked


Amazing trip

March 3, 2019

Our guide Anastasia was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She went the extra mile at very possible turn. Everything went as scheduled. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience Date of experience: March 2019


Amazing experience, amazing guide!

February 26, 2019

Loved my Chernobyl tour through SoloEast, the bus is very comfortable and has internet onboard. The movie they show on the way to the exclusion zone is very informative. Our guide Tania was amazing, she was very knowledgable and willing to answer any questions we had. She was very engaging and went out of her way to made sure we were all enjoying the trip. Well worth the price to have this once in a life time experience!


Excellent communication, great tour and competent guide

February 21, 2019

I was planning to visit Chernobyl for the last 3 years and finally made it. I was in constant communication with the agency since I was looking for individual trip but finally took the regular one day visit. Tania was our guide and she was perfect- competent, positive and answering all the questions. It is safe to visit Chernobyl if you follow the instructions. The trip went smooth and nice. It is unbelievable what a bad design and human mistakes can do to the nature and other humans. Should be remembered forever. Date of experience: February 2019

sashkow Sofia

SoloEast Tschernobyl Tour with Vika

February 20, 2019

We went to a Tschernobyl Tour with SoloEast 2 Days ago. The Tour was really impressive! Excellent background informations, lot of places to see, everything helps to understand what happend there. Special Thanks to our Guide Vika for answering every Question and good knowledge about everything! Regards from Germany!


Fantastic Chernobyl experience

February 19, 2019

We booked with Solo East Travel on their Chernobyl tour as the reviews were great. 
We were so glad we did – communications before going were good and we came prepped with dog treats for the many grateful strays. 
The meet point was also easy to find. 
Tania was our guide for the day – she was excellent – very knowledgeable, personable, and good to check with the group for need of breaks, etc.
The tour itself goes to abandoned villages, Chernobyl town in the 30km exclusion zone, lunch, then more exclusive sites in the 10km zone such as the reactor site (from outside) and the evacuated town set up to home the reactor workers (Pripyat) which has the iconic fairground. 

Highly recommended!


buzzy1971 Denham, United Kingdom

Great tour, fantastic value for money

February 15, 2019

We were a group of 4 amateur photographers. Our guide was Igor. He guided us around Chernobyl town, Pripyat town, reactor 5, train station and a lotof other locations. During this 2 day tour, Igor was flexible enough to accomodate our requests, within the safety limits. Its was 2 days full of great photo opptys and history.

Rui E

Memorable experience

February 7, 2019

It was a great day tour with SoloEast. Igor was our driver and tour guide, he showed us many places with a different angle. He explained the accident and history detailedly, welcome to answer our questions. I will not forget the entire trip. Thank you SoloEast and thank you Igor.

Sean W Hong Kong, China

Amazing tour of Chernobyl!

February 3, 2019

From start to finish, the trip was amazing. Our guide Nazar was very helpful and kind and answered every question we had. I’ve been wanting to visit the exclusion zone for years and the trip exceeded every expectation I had.


Best trip ever

January 30, 2019

This trip to the Chernobyl zone was absolutely amazing. Tania was our guide, she tells tons of interesting stories about the zone. Alex our driver brought us there safely during heavy snowy conditions. Do not hesitate and book this trip with soloeast. They provide luxurious vans and a great guide. You’ll see all the hotspots Chernobyl has to offer. It’s very nice, especially when there is snow.

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Deeply moving, interesting and well worth it

January 30, 2019

We had an incredibly memorable time on a day tour here in January. The conditions were very cold and snowy, but this did not mar the tour at all. Picked up on time, eveything explained clearly by Tanya our guide who was very friendly and knowledgeable. The tour took us to to lots of poignant sites including a nursery, the generator itself, pripyat (swimming pool, ferris wheel, schools, etc.), Woodpecker early warning system and more. All in all an incredible and highly recommended day tour. Even the drive there included some really interesting videos about the disaster.

StuBud Woking, United Kingdom

Chernobyl day trip with solo east

January 26, 2019

I had a wonderful trip with Anastasia and our driver Sergey. Chernobyl is well worth visiting. A poignant reminder of a past regime and the fragility of life. The ghost town of Pripyat is particularly moving. Seeing abandoned school classrooms with old textbooks and homework was very sad. How people’s lives can change overnight. I would advise anyone to visit with SoloEast. They were well organised and Anastasia is so informative and friendly. Ukraine is an amazing place to visit with such a rich culture and kind people.

Kittycat7197 London, United Kingdom

Trip defining tour

January 21, 2019

Can’t miss tour to Chernobyl, with a knowledgeable guide. Our guide was Igor and he showed us many of the famous sites up close, snapped candid photos of us on the tour, and even showed us locations less known to the public. He had an answer to every question we were curious about, and was very friendly to the Chernobyl dogs


A surreal experience

January 20, 2019

At the recommendation of my hotel in Kiev, Ibis City Centre, I booked this trip as its been something Ive wanted to do for a while, having seen many documentaries etc on TV. The cost proved to be very reasonable. I was collected from my hotel at 07.30 by Nazar, who was the driver and guide for the day – he was superb, extremely knowledgeable personable and entertaining. He really made the trip so worthwhile. There was a total of 4 in the group a small number which I think helped the day. Details of what the visit covers are documented and all that was seen was meaningful. Lunch was included and I arrived back at my hotel at around 20.00 after negotiating the early evening Kiev traffic. This was an experience that will always live with me – surreal in a kind of way, but totally unique and something ticked off my bucket list. A truly great day made so good by Nazar – so a big thanks to him. Should I return to Kiev, I’ll do the trip again.

philiptremayne Wallingford, United Kingdom

Amazing day tour to Chernobyl with guide Vika

January 14, 2019

I had an amazing day tour to Chernobyl with Solo East Travel on January 1st! Our guide for the day, Vika, was so knowledgable and enthusiastic to show us around the exclusion zone of Chernobyl. Giving us so much information, Vika certainly made our day very informative and exciting! Thank you Vika! I would certainly recommend Solo East Travel to my friends and family!

j_travels_1999 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Excellent tour with an outstanding guide!

January 12, 2019

My day trip to Chernobyl with SoloEasy could not have been any better. The bus was punctual and clean. Our tour guide, Tanya, was exceptionally knowledgable and very friendly to all our guests. She took time to answer all questions from all guests and my whole party was delighted with her. I would recommend her as a guide to any friend thinking of visiting Chernobyl and Pripyat! This trip was the highlight of my trip to Ukraine. High recommended. Thank you SoloEast and thank you Tanya!

Jonny T

I will probably take this tour again as it was so enjoyable.

January 10, 2019

A look at Chernobyl and its history This is an excellent tour at a reasonable price. Tickets can be purchased from kiosks in Kiev, or online at their website. I took the full day group tour that includes a visit to a former Soviet missile tracking base, and the full tour of Chernobyl, the Reactor sites and cooling towers, Pripyat and the amusement park that is ghostly and never opened. The staff and guide we’re very knowledgeable and helpful. And the lunch was quite good Expect to walk several kilometers over the day, about 8 hours, and dress with long sleeves, long pants and sturdy comfortable shoes. I will probably take this tour again as it was so enjoyable.

Billibong64 Severn, Maryland

Vika our tour guide was awesome

January 9, 2019

We could not have been more happy with our guided tour to Chernobyl. Our tour guide VIKA was absolutely fantastic. She shared so much information with us, in an extremely sensitive and appropriate way, and it was a very moving and incredible experience to be there. Thank you so very much for a very unforgettable experience.


Excellent Group Trip

January 8, 2019

Our tour was very organised and we felt completely at ease the whole time. We had a great guide who was informative and funny at the same time. We were lucky to be in a group of 5 so we had ample opportunity and time to explore the different stops on the trip. The lunch was very tasty. The experience was at times was overwhelming to see such devistation at what occurred and what was avoided. It is well worth the trip here if your travelling through Europe.

JoshuaTaylorTravel Tumbi Umbi, Australia

Haunting tour, truly unforgettable experience

January 8, 2019

Most fascinating two days I’ve ever spent. Incredible tour guide (Igor), clean and comfortable accommodations, surprisingly great food, and sights that will haunt you. Initially, we had booked a one-day group tour but wanted to upgrade to a two-day tour. Upgrading was a smooth process, handed quickly and professionally by Natalia. We were also able to add a geiger counter rental last minute without any issue. Our guide, Igor, was phenomenal. Starting with a snowy drive from Kyiv to the exclusion zone and from wandering around in the snow to inside dilapidated buildings, Igor ensured our safety during every step of the way. Radiation was not a concern. He was incredibly knowledgeable, providing a great background on Soviet history to being able to explain even the most minor of details. This tour was a fantastic blend of science, history, and culture, made even better by his sense of humor. This was an experience that will stay with me for a long time, and is one that I’m afraid that has ruined future travels for me, because I’m not sure anything can top this. There was plenty of time for photos, and Igor let us choose which sites we wanted to see. On the off chance that you do have the fortune to visit a self-settler in the zone, it’s good to have some cash on hand so you can help purchase basic supplies like sugar, oil, milk, etc. to bring (and also so you can tip your tour guide). If visiting in winter, also make sure you layer up! Overall, would highly recommend. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Mai N

Private Tour with Pasha

January 6, 2019

Did a one day private tour with Pasha in early January. Everything went extremely smoothly, Pasha was very professional and had a wealth of knowledge about Chernobyl. I was able to see a lot more then I expected and Pasha catered to everything I wanted to see. If you are interested in doing a private tour and have specific sites you want to see, I can’t imagine a better company or person to go with then SoloEast and Pasha.

jona140 Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Life Enhancing Experience! If in any doubt, just do it...

December 28, 2018

I travelled to Kiev with a friend and we booked the two day tour as we wanted as much time as possible to experience life inside the exclusion zone! Our tour guide Vika, was extremely knowledgable and was able to answer any questions the group had, she was also very funny and great company over the two days… I won’t go into specifics or post any photos as you cannot beat the actual experience of being there! We were kept very busy for two days, there was a lot of background information and visits to countless locations inside the exclusion zone! At all times on the two day tour I felt that we were kept interested, I also felt very safe inside the zone. The whole experience is quite surreal, so much destruction and devastation, yet the place has a real air of tranquility to it… I am writing this review in December as I will be booking to come again next year and I cannot wait! Thank you to all at Solo East!

MDD2703 Whitstable, United Kingdom


December 21, 2018

Fantastic tour. Saw the reactor from 300m away. Toured the abandoned town of Pripyat, including a disused apartment building, a theme park, an orphanage, a football stadium which is now a small forest. Said hi to the numerous friendly dogs. Didn’t see any mutants!

tinyweasel Dublin, Ireland

Fantastic tour! Highly recommend

December 9, 2018

Tour was absolutely amazing today. Our tour guide, Andrew was full of knowledge and went out of his way to make sure we had a great time. Highly recommend booking with these guys.


Incredible experience with a fantastic tour guide

December 8, 2018

Honestly exceeded all of our expectations, from the first moment our guide Vika was nothing but welcoming, helpful and informative. Throughout the day she vividly told the story of what happened here, and made what would have been a decent tour into a moving, surprising and educational day. The buses are comfy, and the lunch served was exactly what was needed (for December anyway!!). Very much worth the money.

CRTVRND London, United Kingdom

Day Trip to Chernobyl

December 2, 2018

Very good company and excellent organisation. Communication was very easy via WhatsApp and Skype. Convenient pick up at the Independence Square. During the trip, very informative videos about the Chernobyl disaster were played for a better understanding and what to expect. The 12 hour trip was made more pleasant thanks to the tour guide Andrew who made his best to entertain us and give us all the details about the power plant and near abandoned town. Highly recommended!

Lehud93 London, United Kingdom

Cernobyl with Vika

November 28, 2018

We where there with friends this November. It was cold outside but our friendly tour guide Vika help us keep smile at our faces 🙂


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