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5 star review

Visited May 2017

“Great tour, well worth the money. ”

I had Konstantin, he’s very knowledgeable, keen to take any questions, and pretty adorable aha. My only annoyance was that I travelled all the way from Canada to see Chernobyl specifically and because of Eurovision there were a lot of people and because of this we didn’t get to explore as much as I’d like. Will definitely be back in the future for a private tour, one day was not enough!

Zoe V
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Halifax Region, Canada


Recently returned from a day tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat with this company. The trip was incredible and our guide was excellent. He was friendly and informative and really went the extra mile to make sure that we got the most out of our trip. Highly recommended!!

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From London, United Kingdom

“Absolutely amazing ”
Reviewed 4 days ago NEW via mobile
Our guide Timur showed us around with alt of humor and motivation and this really made our trip absolutely unforgettable!
Livi E
TripAdvisor member since 2016

“Private tour was great!”

My husband and I only had one day to see Chernobyl so to make the most of our time we decided to go with the private tour. Konstantin was a great tour guide and was very knowledgeable about the history of Chernobyl as well as the effects of the accident continuing today. If you only have one day in Chernobyl I’d highly recommend the private tour. We were able to move at a fast pace a see a lot! Also, Konstantin did a great job of diverting us around the crowds so we had everything to ourselves, even the swimming pool and ferris wheel. It was definitely the highlight of our trip!

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From Denver, Colorado

“Recommend Private Tour ”

Had a very personal experience from a true enthusiast , Maxim who knew all the nooks and crannies and history
Managed to beat the crowds by perfect timing of the sites

Spooky visit and moving

A grey day added to the atmosphere

Well worth a day out with all its bureaucracy and giga counting picking up the hot spots

Level 6 Contributor
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London, England

“An Unforgetable Experience”

This was probably the best day of my life. Pripyat is haunting yet beautiful and is 100% worth visiting.

My guide was Timur who was awesome! Outstanding knowledge of the area of also great fun! Spoke very good English as well which was very helpful.

The whole day at Chernobyl and Pripyat was incredibly special with far too many highlights to list here. I got to meet some fantastic people and this truly is an experience I will never forget.

The SoloEast team where a pleasure to deal with and could not have done a better job. Not only did they organise my Chernobyl tour but they also organised a few other activities for me including a trip to the football! Hope you enjoyed the sweets!!!!

An outstanding tour!
Nigel M
TripAdvisor member since 2017

“A memorable tour that not everyone will want to do”

Initially I wondered what I had let myself in for, but in the end it was not as scary as one might think it would be – so long as one follows the rules!!! Fascinating, but the scary part is not being there but realising the devastation that nuclear power can cause. Really educational. Seeing an entire city abandoned – apartment blocks, school, leisure centre, fairground. A mausoleum to the power of USSR. Unbelievable. Highly recommended.

Susan R
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Visited April 2017

“Very good tour”

This was impressive. Walking through the effects of human failure. The tour was only accessible for 18+ so the organization took care of our 11 years old son. He also had a great time with friendly people which showed him some of the empty villages by quad. Al in al: fantastic and worth every penny!

Tim P
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Amersfoort, The Netherlands

“great tour of a very interesting place”

We had a 15 hour lay over in Kiev so booked a private tour picked up from the city centre and dropped back at the airport. Absolutely loved exploring the area and combining it with all the human stories and about the mistakes it made for a really different experience.

Our guide Konstantine really made the whole day unforgettable he was really knowledgeable on Chernobyl as well as Ukrainian politics and was happy to answer any questions often with a great sense of humour.

I’d really recommend a private tour since you see far more interesting places than a group tour and ask for Konstantine you won’t be disappointed.

If I’d ever come back I’d think about the 2 day tour as there’s so much to see.

Nick T
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Nottingham, United Kingdom


“Great trip.”

This was one of the highlights of my trip to Ukraine. Tour company was great and responsive in communicating with them before hand. Various videos about Chernobyl were shown on the way to the area. Tour guides were great and gave great information on the site. I shopped several tour companies before picking SoloEast Travel and glad I choose to go with them.

Ruben O
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Signal Hill, California

“Great Guide”

This was an awesome experience. Our guide, Igor, really made the trip a lot of fun. We had two days with him, and after the first great day I didn’t believe him when he said the second day would be even better, but it was. I think it wouldn’t have been so great without someone who knew the area well, but he was very good at allowing us to set our own pace while showing us tons of interesting stuff. Bring water and snacks, especially if you’re a picky eater, but otherwise we didn’t have to worry about much.

Ray B
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“Most amazing tour, super informative, chilling and fun at the same time.”

Thank you to Natasha in the SoloEast office for excellent communication + responding to my initial emails so quickly. The tour was well-organised from initial query to pick-up and then drop-off.

The Chernobyl tour was one of the most amazing things I’ve done. Lots of jokes before we went about safety, but the truth is you are more likely to be affected by radiation in your daily life. The documentaries shown on the journey to Chernobyl were fascinating any our guide, Timor, was super informative and able to answer all our questions.

There are a number of companies doing these tours and they all follow roughly the same route and arrange lunch at the same place. Chernobyl and Pripyat are absolutely fascinating and the story of how the disaster happened, how it was dealt with and how it’s affected the break up of the USSR and the way we think about nuclear power and nuclear defence were all covered. Many thanks to Timor, our guide; he was very engaging, adding lots of fun to the tour without taking anything away from the chilling reality.

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“Chernobyl 1 Day Tour”

A very full & stunning day of the wonder of Chernobyl region. The day was warm & sunny and the experience was haunting & melancholy. Our guide Maxim was super pro, full of information, attentiveness & patience. Also thsnks to Vlad & Tatyana. I got good vegetsrian meal at canteen once inotifoed the guide in the morning.
Cover up. I threw my shoes away after tour although it is not necessary. Take water.

Matu K
TripAdvisor member since 2009

“Brilliant hosts a great, well-organised day out”

Tour host was a young man, was brilliant and made lots of stops in mini-bus including for wildlife.

Tour was informative, host guide was great at English


very very good

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“Great quality and intresting trip!”

The trip was amazing, I though it would be more dangerous, but it’s really safe, guide is really responsible, he warns you about and explains everything, he will answer every question you may have. I am really suprised about high quality of trip, it’s entertaining and yet at the same time make you think deeply about disaster. Honestly, I really recomend this trip with SoloEast! And want to give big thanks for guide Timur, who were there for your every need and made this jorney intresting, thank you very much again!

Viktorija S

TripAdvisor member since 2017

“Incredible Day Out!

So very well organised, with great communication beforehand and a straightforward payment process. On the day your tour guide is very friendly and hugely informative (Constantine you rock!), and so long as you listen to them and play by the rules, you might even get a couple of surprises thrown your way too!

Plenty of opportunity for photos and videos along the tour – just make sure you hire a Geiger Counter for the day, you won’t regret it! An experience not to be missed, and you get a cracking Ukrainian lunch out of it as a bonus.

TripAdvisor member since 2015
Slough, United Kingdom

“Haunting and thought-provoking”

We opted for the one-day version of the tour, which departed just after 8 from Independence Square, near the Kozatskiy Hotel. It was a fascinating day, as our guides, Constantine, Vlad and Pasha drove us out to the Exclusion Zone and showed us all of the key areas of Chernobyl town, the plant and Pripyat, as well as other small villages and memorials in the area.
It’s worth noting that there is an element of risk involved in a trip like this, but it’s minimal – as long as you stick to the paths and do exactly as your guides tell you, you’ll be fine. And what’s life without a little risk?
The nearly-unused Ferris wheel and of course the plant itself are some astonishing spectacles. You’re taken to within 300m of the sarcophagus, which covers the remains of Reactor No. 4. The included lunch (with ingredients sourced from outside the Zone) is quite tasty. The radiation screening at the checkpoint on the way back is simple and unobtrusive, involving a hand scanner.
Please be very careful not to get dust on you when visiting the towns, and don’t sit on the ground or eat anything in the open air. You must also be over 18 to take part in one of these trips, but it’s well worth it for anyone remotely interested in the history of Ukraine, the Soviet Union or nuclear power.
(One last note: cover up, even if it’s warm, and consider wearing older clothes as you might wish to dispose of them afterwards, though that’s not required)

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Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

“Great day tour if you’re in Kiev”

Met up at 8am for the pickup and drive out to Chernobyl. The bus used is very nice, seemed extremely new and was very comfortable. Konstantine was our guide. He has great personality, very easy going, funny and has lots of useful information. Really enjoyed this trip. The lunch provided was very good as well, pork steak and some side dishes. Definitely worth taking this trip, its interesting and fun.

Joe A
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Houston, Texas

“Fantastic day”
Reviewed 3 days ago NEW via mobile
Well worth the trip and the guide was great. We got to see all the important sights in one day, including Pripyat.

TripAdvisor member since 2015
Stockholm, Sweden

“Fantastic experience from start to finish!”

I cannot recommend SoloEast Travel enough. The trip was great from getting picked up to being dropped off, thanks to Konstantine our guide. He was very knowledgeable and I learned so much just from listening to him on the journey to Chernobyl. He had a great sense of humour too. The trip was very well organised and we had a decent lunch in the restaurant. The only downside was the lack of toilet facilities during the day so we were advised not to drink too much.

As for Chernobyl, you really must see it for yourself as no amount of pictures or words can explain the feeling. Just make sure you do it with SoloEast Travel.

TripAdvisor member since 2012

“Great tour company and awesome site”

Really fantastic tour, easy going guide and comfortable vehicle. Can highly recommend this company and the pick up location is on the Independence Square.

I would love to have been able to spend lots more time at the sites but no tour company does.

TripAdvisor member since 2010
London, United Kingdo

“Best Guide in my 25 years of Photography”

I have photographed in over 30 countries over the past 25 years including everywhere from Machu Picchu to Easter Island. I always hire a private guide and Chernobyl was no exception. Being extremely picky in who I select, I did a LOT of research ahead of time and settled on Solo East – they are the oldest and most respected company among the several I considered. I could not be happier with my choice and was 100% satisfied. During trip planning, Natasha created a custom itinerary and then promptly corresponded with me several times until every detail was just right. The team in the Ukraine took care of every single detail from the minute I was greeted at the airport to the time I departed. Unlike any other location I have ever been to, Chernobyl is a labyrinth of regulations (there are 3 guard checkpoints just to get to Pripyat). SoloEast was superb at navigating all of these restrictions and ensuring I got access to EVERY location I wanted to shoot. I cannot stress enough how impressive this was and my guide’s ability to make this happen was critical to the success of my trip. More than just access, my guide, Konstantine, understood that I needed specific light for certain photographs and choreographed the sequence of sites and hours of the day to make best use of my precious time. When I book a private guide I have EXTREMELY high expectations but even by this standard, I got “rock star” treatment. Konstantine, and his supervisor Igor were exceptional. They have been serving international tourists for years and tailored the tour to my specific interests and happily made adjustments “on the fly” which is extremely rare. In sum, the success of your trip is almost 100% dependent on your guide and the team at Solo East was extraordinarily friendly, knowledgeable and eager to make my trip “picture perfect”.

TripAdvisor member since 2014


I cannot recommend this tour enough! Visiting Chernobyl was in itself a once in a lifetime experience and SoloEast very much added to the value. Here’s why:
– Value: I believe it is the cheapest tour available and visits all the same sites. Also includes lunch.
– Service: Absolutely OUTSTANDING. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable of Chernobyl and the sites but also of the greater context. He knew the answer to every question that was asked, including the engineering aspect. Also spoke excellent English.
– Group size: Groups are capped at 18 people
– Transit: Fun and interesting; our guide pointed out sites in Kiev as we passed, and several videos were shown on the drive to the exclusion zone

– wear comfortable shoes – lots of walking!
– take water with you – it is a full day tour!

Sarah P
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Budapest, Hungary


Visited March 2017

“Almost indescribable”
Visiting Chernobyl was the reason my wife and I went to the Ukraine. We took a private one-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat. It was totally worth the money! Our guide Maxim was very kind. He taught us a lot that day. We were picked up at 7AM at the hotel and got back to the hotel at 9PM. We’ve seen so many things that day. This was a trip that will never ever be forgotten. Highly recommended! Thanks Maxim and thanks Solo East!

TripAdvisor member since 2011
Tongeren, Belgium

“Amazing and friendly

The tour itself was well planned, organised perfectly and safety came first. Our tour guide Nadia, was great, really knew the area and great to talk too with loads of insight about Chernobyl. The bus was comfortable and with WiFi (didn’t work this trip, but you really should be checking out Chernobyl, not Facebook so not an issue for me). Thanks again for the amazing and unforgettable experience solo East and Nadia.

Danny w
TripAdvisor member since 2015

“Enriching (pun intended)”

Visiting Chernobyl was part of the reason why I went to Ukraine/Kiev, and SoloEast did a terrific job in showing us around. You start your tour in Kiev with a bit of history about Kiev and Ukraine and on the 2 hr drive to the exclusion zone you’re shown a couple of videos and interviews with Gorbachev and the likes giving their account of what happens. Once in the exclusion zone, you drive through a couple of small towns where you get out and get to peak inside a couple of buildings like a daycare center or a former cultural center. They take you into the mandatory resettlement zone, all the way up to reactor number 4 before you get to spend a couple of hours in the ghost town of Pripyat. Nice add is that you spend lunch in a still operating hotel in the town of Chernobyl. It’s a must see!

You can take some snacks/drinks with you (leave them on the bus once in the exclusion zone) and DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT.

Wout V
TripAdvisor member since 2012
from Ghent, Belgium

“Cheapest Charnobyl tour”

It was definitely the cheapest tour to Charnobyl I found and at the same time the quality of the tour was totally satifiying. We saw all the places we wanted to see. Our guide was a really funny guy, english speaking, with sufficient knowledge about the place. I can trully recommend this company.

Magdalena F
TripAdvisor member since 2016

I wanna genuinely thank

I wanna genuinely thank you and my guide Constantine and driver Pasha for a life changing trip to the zone yesterday. I have always wanted to go to the zone but live far from Ukraine and had never had a chance, but after managing to get to Kiev and doing research I had ever faith that your company would give the best possible experience!
The guide was extremely knowledgeable and very funny which helped relieve any nerves and the bus was extremely comfortable. Thank you for this experience and you can bet I’ll be back, next time with friends!

Darryl Miles, Spain

“Positive Reaction to Reactor #4”

My husband and I went to Chernobyl on Thursday the 2nd of March with Kostya, his trainee Timor, and 3 other tourists. The weather was great, and with no leaves on the trees we could see a lot more than in summertime. Nature has truly taken back much of the terrain. Due to the small group size it was more like a private tour, Kostya did an excellent job explaining Soviet political mind-set of the time just before the disaster. The new Quonset style shelter is now in place over reactor #4 however, I think it’s a great visual on its own given its enormous size. Definitely gives some perspective on the size of what they had to cover up.
We highly recommend this tour, it was engaging and an important history lesson that everyone should learn.
I rented a radiation detector that initially seemed to be not worth the hassle, but later in the tour it turned out to be an interesting conversation piece as it would go off on its own after I had forgotten about it in my pocket.
The tour is a solid 10-11 hours, so ensure your camera battery is fully charged or you have extras handy.

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Ontario, Canada

“Great experience and great guides – a must do if visiting Kiev”

We did the day trip to Chernobyl with Solo East travel and had a very interesting and great day. The day began at 8am and finished at 7pm. We made several stops in the exclusion zone and got plenty of time to take photos

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Brisbane, Australia


Visited February 2017:

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