Book your tour to strategic missile force base
(Near Pervomaysk 300 km South of Kiev.)

The high light of the trip is being a descent 33 meters down to the bottom of the Unified Launch Control Center!

Take an underground corridor to the massive doors which lead to a self-contained silo-based 12-storey Command Post which could function sealed from the outside world for 45 days.

Look inside SS-18 Satan Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Sit in the Command seat and experience what Soviet officers could feel during the Cold War and being in charge of nine missiles SS-22. You can touch the button that could cause a catastrophe if pressed 18 years ago.

Look inside SS-18 "Satan" Intercontinental Ballistic Missile - equipped with up to 10 warheads and 40 penaids - it used to give Soviet Union "first strike" advantage over the U.S. - it's operating range 10,200-15,200 km, Weight 209,600 kg (462,000 lb) Length 32.2 m (106 ft) Diameter 3.05 m (10.0 ft).

                  Photo tour

                  THE COST PER PERSON (effective 2017)

                  Number of Visitors Cost US$
                  One $300.00
                  Two $160.00 p/p
                  Three $110.00 p/p
                  Four $90.00 p/p
                  Five $75.00 p/p


                  • English speaking guide.
                  • Air-conditioned transportation.
                  • Admission cost and fee to be taken down by lift to the Launch Control Center.
                  • Not included: lunch (we make a stop in a cafe on the way back)

                  We usually start our tour
                  at 8 a.m. or as agreed

                  • Drive Kiev - Odessa Highway around two hours, make a left turm to Holovanivsk and then anothe 30 minutes to the outskirt of Bobuz'ke village.
                  • Arrival to Museum. Meeting with the leadership of the museum - ussually ex officer of the missile base.
                  • Update on the history of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile base of ICBM silo launcher in Pervomaisk in a pavillion with many exibits.
                  • Sightseeing of the premices of the base including passage through 150 meters long underground corridor.
                  • Take a lift 12 floors down to the bottom of the Unified Launch Control Center. (Lift can barely fit three people so with a big group it might take time for everybody to take it).
                  • Visit rest area for the officers and climb one floor up to the control center - where the lounching equipment with "THE BUTTON" was located.
                  • Look at the guards bunkers, silo's lead, trucks and at impressive SS-18 "Satan" Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.
                  • On the way back to Kiev we make a stop for lunch at one of the cafes. Arrival back time 6 p.m.

                  If you need additional information, please, Ask Me!

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