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  • Letter of invitation and a tourist voucher for visa processing.
  • Single, Double and Multiple-Entry Tourist Visas.
  • Same-Day Tourist Ukrainian Visa Invitations (email copy).
  • Next Day courier delivery in the Middle East.
  • Worldwide Express Courier service or registered mail delivery.
  • Moldova visa support.

New rules to apply for Visa to Ukraine are affective since September 2011.
All tourist visa's duration is 90 days now.

In order to obtain tourist visa most of the applicants must present to the Ukrainian consulate abroad along with their application from:

  • Original letter of invitation;
  • Original tourist voucher and a hotel confirmation.

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We offer delivery of original visa support to the Middle East countries within 24 hours. Delivery to the other countries may vary from three to five days with a courier (FedEx, DHL) and from 10 to 15 days with registered mail.
We provide visa support only to the countries listed below. If your country isn't listed we are sorry we can't help you in the meantime.

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We currently offer tourist visa assistance to the citizens of the following countries:

  • Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan (please contact us prior to payment), Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Qatar, Peoples Republic of China, South African Republic (please contact us prior to payment), Brazil.
  • Visas for the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Mauritius, Seychelles and Turkey, entering Ukraine for tourism, can be issued at the border crossing points as a single entry for the duration of stay up to 15 days.
  • Short-term visa can be issued without submission of letter of invitation to enter Ukraine for citizens of Albania, Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, Turkey and Croatia.


The documents we provide you with are legal, authentic and prepared according to Ukrainian Travel and Immigration rules. Our company is licensed travel operator registered and based in Kiev, Ukraine. But the final decision on weather to issue you a visa or not is made by a Ukrainian consulate in your country — so it's your responsibility to fill in the application form and provide all additional documents required for your visa. We can send copies of the documents to a consulate should it be required but we do not deal with the consulate on your behalf and we do not inquire with them in case of the refusal or delay.
The full and updated list of all Ukrainian Embassies and Consulates abroad (official site of the Ministry of Foregn Affairs of Ukraine.