TEC: the situation as of April 05

TEC: the situation as of April 05
Today, April 5, the units of the National Guard of Ukraine arrived at the Chernobyl NPP, who took the object under their guard. The main tasks of the national guards on the field are the protection and defense of nuclear installations, as well as the physical protection of nuclear materials.
Currently, among the key tasks of the company are:
– Inspection of the Armed Forces of Ukraine security of the ground and its transport infrastructure
– Checking the radiation state of the premises and objects of the station where the occupation troops of the Russian Federation were (who completely nehtuvali the rules of radiation security)
– Rotation of the staff of the change that is on the site (46 volunteers-workers who went to the CAEC site as a result of the staff rotation on March 20, as well as 13 employees who CONTINUE to be in the workplace for about 1000th din – from the very beginning of the occupation of the station).