Top Gear show in Chernobyl

To shoot the Top Gear show in Chernobyl on November 26, 2013 BBC dealt with Lupin Travel in the UK (trip arrangement) and SoloEast Travel in Ukrane (permits and guides). Since many tourists ask how it was, we inform you that it was almost a rutine trip for some of our staff who doesn’t know much about TG. The crew wasn’t just three celebs who we hope liked the... Read more

You won’t believe radiation on an airplane vs Chernobyl – all flight attendance must watch.

We did a research that proves that a trip to Chernobyl is safer then a flight from Ukraine (where Chernobyl is located) to North America. Some basic facts: The normal level of radiation is anywhere between 0.09 -0.30 micro Sieverts an hour. It can’t be 0 – this is the fact. Anything above 0.30 micro Sieverts is called – low, medium and high level of radiation. Radiation can be... Read more