Radiation is the emission or transmission of atoms in other words it is a decay of atoms.

Radiation is the emission or transmission of atoms in other words it is a decay of atoms. To measure radiation scientists use unit sievert , which quantifies the amount of radiation absorbed by human tissues. 📍One sievert is 1,000 millisieverts. 📍One millisievert is 1,000 microsieverts. Radiation surrounds us everywhere. Smoke detectors, emergency lights, nuclear power, break stone, granite, the Sun all have in common RADIATION. Kiev – 0.18 Chernobyl... Read more

What is that… a power grid or a radio station ?

What is that… a power grid or a radio station ? No…it was an ABM early warning system which was purposed to track missile launches from the territory of the likely formidable opponent, the Russian Woodpecker noice used to come from here .. to make it work come to Chernobyl -2 , our guides know the place where this military garrison is extended 😉 Image may contain: sky, cloud... Read more


Remembering those who made the sight of the tragedy safe today… 32 years have passed and you can see smiley faces around.. But the price of it is so high… Just keep that in mind when you go to Chernobyl. P. S. Had a meeting with our guides today. Were learning new things about the zone together. Read more

Meet the dogs of Chernobyl

by Julie McDowall, The Guardian …Meet the dogs of Chernobyl – the abandoned pets that formed their own canine community  Hundreds of stray dogs have learned to survive in the woods around the exclusion zone – mainly descendants of those left behind after the nuclear disaster, when residents were banned from taking their beloved pets to safety We are in the woods behind the Chernobyl plant when the dog... Read more

【旅遊籽】災區遺蹟開放搞導賞團 遊客朝聖打卡勝地

Nicole Chan Hoi Lee| 陳海利 Reporter Apple Daily TRAVEL 【旅遊籽:心導遊】 自2011年開始,切爾諾貝爾正式開放給合法旅行團導覽。沉重悲痛的歷史場所,輻射危機存疑的領域,每年依然吸引數以萬計的遊客本着好奇朝聖,荒廢的遊樂場、泳池及學校成了熱門的打卡勝地。Timur已擔任核電廠的導遊七年,被問到用核爆炸遺址牟利,算否發死人財,他立即斬釘截鐵地反對!「這是一場嚴重的災難,很多人受害,正因如此,我們有必要向世界展露這地方,不作隱瞞。世上仍有不少國家採用核能發電,它的潛在危險需要被正視。」人類無法百分百控制核能,切爾諾貝爾正正警示了後果。昔日的課室人去樓空,未開幕的摩天輪慘變「鬼城」,一步步踩在瓦礫上前進,這一堂歷史課來得刻骨銘心。「這兒不止有災難的痕迹,也凝結住昔日蘇聯統治的日子,展示多少人為掙扎和辭世,多少人為第二次爆炸而犧牲,去拯救歐洲和更多周圍的人民。」 Read more

Excellent, Informative, Professional…everything you need!

I was hesitant about visiting Chernobyl. I suppose everyone is. You can read things on-line and think about it a million times, but if you do decide to go then I can only urge you to book with SoloEast. We went as part of a group on 6th October 2017. Fish_LON Level 6 Contributor TripAdvisor member since 2011 Edinburgh, United Kingdom At every point they were professional and friendly.... Read more

In Ukraine, a radioactive nuclear ghost town near Chernobyl is a hot destination

By Cheryl L. Reed The button that could have started a nuclear holocaust is gray — not red. I learned this after climbing into a nuclear rocket command silo, 12 floors below ground, and sitting in the same green chair at the same yellow, metal console at which former Soviet officers once presided. Here, they practiced entering secret codes into their gray keyboards, pushing the launch button and turning... Read more

Visiting Chernobyl – 30 years after disaster

Visiting Chernobyl is high on anyone’s list who is interested in dark tourism, but with its uniqueness and haunting images, it is drawing increasing curiosity among all travelers visiting Ukraine and nearby. In 1986, the Chernobyl power plant disaster was the largest nuclear disaster in the world, killing and affecting the health of thousands (to millions – the data vary wildly) and creating a 19 mile exclusion zone that... Read more

Chernobyl Tours: Visiting A Nuclear Disaster Area

What’s it like to visit Chernobyl today? Despite what you might expect, it is actually quite easy — and safe — to go the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Starting from Kiev, Ukraine, you’ll see the infamous failed reactor, explore haunting abandoned buildings, and hopefully learn a bit about this critical moment in world history. Many people do not know that it is even possible to visit Chernobyl, so I wrote... Read more