Visiting Chernobyl – 30 years after disaster

Visiting Chernobyl is high on anyone’s list who is interested in dark tourism, but with its uniqueness and haunting images, it is drawing increasing curiosity among all travelers visiting Ukraine and nearby. In 1986, the Chernobyl power plant disaster was the largest nuclear disaster in the world, killing and affecting the health of thousands (to millions – the data vary wildly) and creating a 19 mile exclusion zone that...

Chernobyl Tours: Visiting A Nuclear Disaster Area

What’s it like to visit Chernobyl today? Despite what you might expect, it is actually quite easy — and safe — to go the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Starting from Kiev, Ukraine, you’ll see the infamous failed reactor, explore haunting abandoned buildings, and hopefully learn a bit about this critical moment in world history. Many people do not know that it is even possible to visit Chernobyl, so I wrote...

Viator’s Top Rated Award 2017

SoloEast Travel IN RECOGNITION OF YOUR TOP CUSTOMER RATINGS Congratulations! You’ve achieved Viator’s Top Rated Award, distinguishing you as an outstanding provider for the world’s leading tours, activities and attractions booking platform. You’re part of a select, high-performing group to receive this honor, thanks to your consistently impressive ratings from Viator and TripAdvisor customers around the globe this past year.


直播切爾諾貝爾核電廠遊歷 香港廢墟攝影師:佢哋無諗過返唔到嚟

切爾諾貝爾核電廠於31年發生爆炸事故後,四周從此成為無人之境。一名香港攝影師早前到切爾諾貝爾核電廠遊歷,其間在一個討論區內圖文直播,惹來網民哄動「追post」。發帖的廢墟攝影師Steven接受《香港01》訪問時指,旅程中不少地點現況反映居民是匆忙離開,「無諗過成世都返唔到嚟」。 Steven到切諾貝爾核電廠隔離區,趁機進入醫院等建築物拍攝。(受訪者提供圖片) Steven在討論區開帖直播遊歷切爾諾貝爾核電廠的情況,即時獲網民關注。旅途中他不時上載現場圖片,又留言描述核電廠廢墟實況,有網民擔心他在「玩命」,更多人勁讚帖文「高質」、「留名睇直播」,十天後已累積逾2,000個「正評」,網民「洗版」式討論長達32頁。

“Best Guide in my 25 years of Photography”

I have photographed in over 30 countries over the past 25 years including everywhere from Machu Picchu to Easter Island. I always hire a private guide and Chernobyl was no exception. Being extremely picky in who I select, I did a LOT of research ahead of time and settled on Solo East – they are the oldest and most respected company among the several I considered. I could not...