Visited January 2017

5 star review


Visited January 2017:

“Put this on your bucket list!”

A must see whilst it’s still here! The buildings won’t be around forever and it’s absolutely amazing, and something I will never forget. Pripyat was once such a beautiful place and we could see this as we walked around.

We noticed before we booked that the reviews below 5* are basically because they shared the tour with other tourists. Therefore we booked a private tour and the whole experience was fascinating and definitely worth it.

Covered a lot of ground in the one day private tour, but there was so much more we didn’t. I would of loved two days, and really hope to go back in the future.

I weared old cloths and boots on the day and at the end I binned the lot, I was slightly ocd but it was old stuff anyway. I was nervous at first about the health risks, afterall it is a nuclear exclusion zone. But they have cleaned the area so well that the levels are low, and higher level areas we didn’t go to, or we drove past quickly so we could still see them.

Ukraine people are so friendly, happy and I felt so at home there. I travel to a lot of Eastern Europe countries and I wasn’t expecting how good this country was. It is very underestimated and has a certain stigma about it, though through no fault of it’s own. We stayed in Kiev which parts compare to London, so beautiful. Anyway we got collected from our accommodation in Kiev and watched videos about the disaster, the exclusion zone then and now en-route.

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From Halesowen, United Kingdom

“Very well organised, brilliant guide!”

Highly recommended. Well organised and lots to see. Would not attempt this on my own, you need a guide. Ours was patient and well informed. Light cooked lunch included, but take some soft drinks.

Kevin M
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From London, United Kingdom

“Excellent day out ”

When you tell people you’re going to Chernobyl they tend to think you’re mad. Ignore them, this is a very good day out with an excellent company. Very punctual and well organised. Sergei (if I’ve remembered correctly) the tour guide was very informative and always let you know in advance where we would be going or what we would need to do. Going during the winter is a great time as there are fewer tourists and you can see more due to the lack of leaves in the trees. Fully recommend.

Russ K

“Chernobyl Redux wit SoloEast was fantastic”

This was my 2nd Chernobyl day trip with SoloEast. It was a private tour with one other faculty member and eight master’s students. As before, the tour was fantastic. Nicholai, our guide, was knowledgeable, patient, and a wonderfully wry sense of humor.

The lunch was great – salad, soup, bread, Flintstone sized pork chops with potatoes, and apple pastries.

I went to a few different spots from the last trip including a local village town hall and the nightclub in Pripyat.

This time, the new sarcophagus was in place, so the view of the reactor was quite different.

I highly recommend this professional tour provider.

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“Chernobyl Day Visit”

Fantastic day spent with Solo East Travel who provided a day visit to Chernobyl. The arrangements and booking was very easy and they were very attentive, the Tour Guide today was excellent, very knowledgeable about many aspects of Ukraine.

Mark W
From Leeds, United Kingdom

“Just great”

How to describe a day in the 30km zone?
It is just so strange.

The tour was great, they make it absolute clear that you will need a passport, check and recheck that too. Organization was just great, the guide takes you around, seems to know everything, does speak quite good English.

From Kiev it is a two hour drive. But with WiFi in the bus, and the documentaries they show even that is a pleasant time

Definitely wort going, of course 😉 And I think SoloEast just does a great job!

The Netherlands

Visited December 2016:

“Splendid Tour, very organized and stunning things to see!”

We looked for an Agency that provides Chernobyl tours and SoloEast was our choice because of the massive good reviews here on Tripadvisor. And this is something I can approve!
Booking was easy because they all speak a proper English at the agency and you can pay with Credit Card or Paypal for example. Or in cash when starting the tour at the bus.
The price is decent for a 2 day tour (which we booked). We had our own little bus and max. 10 people can apply to one single tour so it’s not too crowded and you can chat with others and ask the guide questions.
I advise you too book the 2 day tour because of the mentioned things and you are going to see way more and have less “stress” – as I have heard for a guy who took the one day tour you have to use daylight in winter especially and don’t have time to stay at a certain spot for too long. I mean you drive over 2 hours to Chernobyl as well – where videos were show during the drive to give you more excitement to see all that stuff by yourself! 🙂
Apart from that our guide Igor was a nice chap, he explained a lot of things and knew exactly where to go (of course he does – he makes these tours for 7 years now) but you never felt lost. His English was good so you don’t need to worry that wo won’t understand a word because they all speak in ukrainian or russian – nope, the tour was 100% English.
The program itself was hughe, I mean Pripyat, Duga3, The Power plant and mayn things to see for yourself can give you goose bumps sometimes because it’s a different things standing there and only watch videos and seeing someone else standing there.
The hotel in the zone was basic but definitely not bad! Hot water, electric heaters and VERY GOOD food! Of course you have a lot of cabbage there in the foods but it was prepared very delicious. You even eat at the Power Plant’s canteen on the 2nd. day – you definitely won’t starve! 😉
Radiation is a thing many people fear and I can say there wasn’t really any. We measured around 0.12 micro sievert to maybe 1 micro sievert and specific places. You get much higher doses of radiotion if you have a 10 hour flight. So there is nothing to fear. Of course there are some hot spots but you won’t visit them.

This is just a very brief overview of what you are going to see and experience. As I have said Solo East provided a good tour here for an adequate price. 5* and totally recommended!

Marcel R
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Frankfurt, Germany

“Well organized and great communication”

I booked this tour about a week in advance. The communication from the office was excellent.

I rented an apartment through TripAdvisor that was next door to the hotel where the tour starts (“Apartment with a view on Maidan”, reviewed separately), so that was extremely convenient.

The tour started on time. The driver and guide were competent and professional.

We watched several documentaries during our drive from Kiev to Chernobyl. The documentaries were an excellent preparation for the tour. The bus was clean and modern.

The stops included several abandoned villages, a massive radio antenna used to detect incoming ICBMs and, of course, the reactor site.

We also spotted a fox, which was pretty cool

I do advise that you bring your own snacks and drinks on the bus. The lunch that’s included isn’t very good (the tour company doesn’t have much control over this because there is only one place to eat in the exclusion zone). There is a supermarket in the underground mall immediately below where the tour starts, so you can arrive a half hour early and stock up on provisions.

I am happy to recommend SoloEast! This was a great trip.

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