Chernobyl Traveler Reviews Spring 2017-18

Chernobyl Traveler Reviews Spring 2017-2018

Visited April 2018


Fantastic and faultless tour of Chernobyl and its surrounding areas.

The whole day trip was well organised and high quality. This included prompt collection and excellent mini bus for all transit during the day.

The guide Nadia was very resourceful and made the tour interesting and well balanced.

You will see all the key sights and learn lots about them. The experience surpassed high expectations.

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From London

Just fantastic. Brilliant guide and a truly amazing day. Will never forget this.

This trip was easily arranged over the internet and the company representative was there to meet us at 8.00am in the square in Kiev outside our hotel. We were introduced to our guide, a lady called Vika, and to our driver Alex – both lovely people. A modern minibus took us out of Kiev where we stopped for at a local service station for water, snacks and coffee. Once back in the minibus, a TV screen at the front showed a documentary about the new dome that has been built to cover the decaying sarcophagus originally created to try and contain the radioactive matter. Another documentary showed the aftermath of the incident back in 1986 so, by the time we reached the Chernobyl exclusion zone, we had all learned a little more than we alreday knew.

At the first checkpoint, we were greeted with a number of heavily armed soldiers and were told no photo’s (but we managed to sneak one or two). Our paperwork was checked and passports shown and were we allowed back on the bus. The same thing happened at a second check point and then we were in. I won’t spoil your visit by telling you exactly what happens but we were introduced to a radioactive ‘hot spot’ where your Geiger counter goes nuts and to see this and hear the alarms going off due to excess radiaton is quite spine tingling. No words can describe seeing the abandoned buildings on the way to Chernobyl town and, when you finally get to Pripyat, it’s just mind blowing. To see the swimming pool, the river port, the supermarket and the fairground is beyond belief and you almost have to pinch yourself to check if you’re dreaming or not.

Our guide Vika was brilliant! Multi-lingual, very well educated and great fun and she gave us a truly great day which ended with a trip to the Duga-3 Russin radar installation known as the Russin Woodpecker. She was a fabulous companion through a truly amazing visit. I would throughly recommend this company and Vika in particular.

Gary F
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from Stafford, United Kingdom

Delightful Group in a Decaying Land

You see many pictures of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone but they do not compare in the slightest to roaming the ghost towns and villages. Seeing nature reclaim the land reminds you that, despite our devastating actions, life will always find a way to flourish.

Soloeast provided an exceptional visit to the zone over two days, providing a comprehensive tour of everything interesting in the area from visiting the ghost towns to visiting a self-settler to get their account of life in the zone after the disaster.

Vika was an incredible guide filled with unlimited enthusiasm and energy, joking and laughing with us every step of the way.

She put the group first, along with Tania and Alex, getting as much in for us as possible and ensuring that at no point were we unsatisfied.

An excellent tour with excellent people.

Visit: 16/4 – 17/4/18

Sam R
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From Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom


This was a fantastic day, seeing first-hand the effects of the Chernobyl disaster was a sobering but fascinating experience.

From the booking process, through the documentaries shown on the bus to the site and the fantastic insight provided by Nadia our guide, SoloEast were a very professional organisation.

Nadia was fun, informative and went above and beyond to ensure we had a great tour. The pace was good and we saw all the well known sights.

I’d thoroughly recommend this tour (I have done a few time since I returned from Kiev) you’ll see some amazing sights, have some laughs and learn a lot about what happened.

Well done to all at SoloEast!

London, United Kingdom

Christmas Day tour of Chernobyl
Reviewed April 2018

We booked the 2 day tour through SoloEast almost a month beforehand. The booking process was straightforward through the website. After emailing passport info for permits we got approved and awaited our tour day. The group met at Maidan (Independence) Square early in the morning, around 8 am on December 25. After verifying our identities we boarded the shuttle bus and headed to Chernobyl. It’s approximately a 2 hour drive from Kiev with a brief stop to purchase snacks & water. Before entering we exited the shuttle and verified our identities again with the guards.

Since we were on the 2 day tour we had much more flexibility on the locations we wanted to explore. We began by checking out the town for the local workers and a church nearby. This part of Pripyat is well kept despite showing its age already. There are multiple checkpoints within Pripyat to restrict access to certain areas and guards patrolling the grounds making sure no one stays overnight in the grounds or does something illegal. The shuttle would take us past the check, we’d exit and explore the grounds with our guide Vika. Vika was an excellent guide, telling us all about the history of not just the accident but also about the town before it happened. The first day we explored the hospital, main reactor, several abandoned houses, and the famous Ferris wheel. The whole place had an eerie yet alluring feel to it. It was like if the snow froze everything in time, allowing us to glimpse at life during Soviet times.

We spent the night in a hotel on the outskirts of Pripyat close to where all the workers sleep. There’s a small restaurant in the same building from which you can order food and drinks. Since we we exploring nonstop from 10 in the morning to almost 6 at night we were quite tired by the time we arrived to our room. A benefit of staying multiple days is being able to wake up early and get some extra hours exploring. The guard station into Pripyat doesn’t open until 10 am but if you stay overnight you don’t have to go through the checkpoint again hence the extra hours. On the 2nd day we ventured inside some more of the buildings. We got to explore an abandoned basketball court and pool in addition to seeing the huge radar system used to detect ICBMs. Everything seemed straight out of a post-apocalyptic world, but it was real. Seeing the world as it could be in the future left quite an impression on me.

If you can book the 2 day tour I’d highly recommend it. It gives you more time to immerse yourself in a past world and to see what the future may hold if we’re not careful.

Alex M


This tour was phenomenal. Everything from payment to meeting the day off was flawless and organized. My tour guide, Nadia was incredible. She literally started the day off with a joke, and it set the tone for the day. Since it’s a fairly depressing and stark place, having humour is necessary. Lunch was great in Chernobyl and filling for the long day. Seeing the area is an experience that nobody should miss when going to Kyiv. I felt very safe the whole time, wandering all around the ruins and getting fairly close to Reactor #4. My only regret is not doing the two day tour!

Dave B
Hamilton, Canada

BEST TOUR IN MY LIFE, The Zone + our guide make the best combination

If you have any doubts of coming to Chernobyl, forget about it, just go!

I was really so happy I went there, the route is perfectly safe (trust me, Im a doctor) and you get a perfect mix of history, photography and adventure.

As some may know, I’m also a hobby tour guide in my hometown and for me it was simply incredible to meet and talk with our guide, Tania and our driver (but also guide) Nazar. They knew how to answer literally every question, from historical to radiation physics. Tania made the tour so dinamic that hours flew away talking non stop and in the end of the day I realized how great profesionals they are, for me it was like meeting the “Champions League” of tour guides (coming from a tour guide).
I’ve traveled to 50 countries, done tons of guided visits and yesterday was by far the best one!

Now about the technical part, we went with a modern minibus where they played several interesting documentaries before getting into the exclusion zone, they also have phone charger if you need. I recomend you to wear closed shoes and clothes for your trip (the “danger” is taking some dust/mud with you). I recomend you to take some snacks since you can get a big hungry before the lunch (you can safely eat inside the bus).

Since somehow I met a lot of people from SoloEast (Natalia from emails, drivers, the office manager…) I can assure you is a top company! All of them are incredible professionals, also, if you have any doubt between choosing companies doing same tour, choose SoloEast, not only because mine or other reviews but also because programs like TopGear or news agencies like chose this company, and trust me, best value for money ever.

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Zaragoza, Spain

Well worth it

Efficient tour company with good customer service, great guides, nice transport bus with informative videos, wifi and mobile phone charging slots, followed by an informative tour of the haunting, irradiated Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, with stops in surrounding villages, the powerplant itself, Pripyat and a former USSR nuclear weapon detection facility.
It’s only when you come away from this tour and experience, perhaps reading up and watching more documentaries to supplement, do you understand the enormity of it, the complacency, secrecy and cover-ups of the USSR, the initial mishandling of the disaster, followed by the the truly heroic, sacrificial and huge efforts to fix it.

James G
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If I could give 6 stars, I would give 7.

After a research for a company that provides Chernobyl tours, I’ve ended up here. The price was good, so I made a first contact.
The communication by e-mail was pretty quick and very nice and kind. I even got a reply on Saturday evening.
The day before the tour, I paid a visit to their office to ensure myself that I have everything needed. Also, I needed to print my air tickets somewhere. Immediately after asking for that favor, I got an access to one of their computers, where I could print it. I had to print it twice because of technical issues – “Sure, try it once again”. Then I even got a beautiful art map of Kyiv. Later, after “Goodbyle”, I got out of the office to store the papers into my bag. Suddenly, the door of the office opened: “By the way, you’re on bus no. 2, so you’ll know it in advance.”
The tour itself was perfect. Our guide Vika was entertaining, kind and happy to answer any question, she was also beautiful.
I am strongly interested in Pripyat, I could say that I know her better than my own hometown. After few of my questions, our guide gave me an offer to get extra info.
The meal we had during lunchtime was really tasty.

I don’t know what more to write, simply, everything everything was high above average. In conclusion: there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The company is full of nice people who offer great services.

Brno, Czech Republic

Visited March 2018

Chernobyl Tour Solo East TRAVEL

One thing off the bucket list checked, but will go back for shore to explore more of the ghost town Pripyat. Chast amazing and powerful place, hard to describe in words, you chast hawe to bee ther. Would advise to take more than one day tour for shore becas ther ar a lot to see and explore and it’s very hard to compact that in one day. Solo East TRAVEl provided use with the best tour guid ever Vika. Chast amazing tour guide knows so much about the place. Told as stories you won’t bee able to find in any documentary movie. She was also very funny, simply all around great person. Would definitely advice to ask for here as a guide. I know I will the next time i’ll return.

Arturs S

One-day Chernobyl tour

I wasn’t aware of the Chernobyl tours before but when I heard this from my friend I knew I had to go there.

We went all the way from Latvia with a car for this and definitely weren’t disappointed.

25th of March – great weather, great trip, great tour guide.
Needed information was available before, easy-to-find start point, smiling guides. It was interesting to watch the edited documentary on the way to Chernobyl. Tasty lunch. Epic views that cannot be seen elsewhere.

We were also lucky with the guide Victoria who had some great jokes and a lot of knowledge about every place we went. She also helped me with sending my postcards after I had already left Ukraine – how many tour guides would even do that?

Must-see place of the world. Kind attitude from SoloEast. Will definitely recommend this to my friends.


What a fun historical experience!

OK so originally when I booked this tour I was going on a leap of faith. The reviews were great everywhere I looked but I couldn’t figure out why this one was at least 30 euros cheaper than any other Chernobyl tour. Thank good did it!

We booked on a Monday for a Saturday tour and it was no problem at all (6 day business day rule thing). They had someone waiting at a very localized point at Independent Square. I was worried that because it was snowing so much the tour would be canceled but the man that checked us in said there would be no problems.

On the bus we were 14 international people (there were at least 4 buses with Solo East) and we had the AMAZING tour guide Vica (Vika?) or Victoria and her great driver. Her English was absolutely impecable and she was so kind and full of history. She really made our tour so much fun and really was able to give an in depth knowledge of Chernobyl.

As I mentioned it was snowing A LOT in the morning, but these Ukrainians are built for it and know how to function in it. We left around 8:15 and made it to the check point by 10. Thats where we started walking around the ghost downs and abandoned places. Very cool to see. What I think everyone was relieved about was we would spend a max of 30 or 40 minutes outside and then we were able to go into the warm bus.

The lunch that was surved was great. They had breads, juice and water waiting when we stat down and then pretty quick they brought out this potato soup. For the ‘main’ course we had pork and potatoes. There was the option to get veggitarian or chicken with the meal but the pork was very enjoyable.

After lunch we continued on and really got a sense of the place and around 17:30 in the afternoon we started to make our way back to Kiev.

I’ve already recommended this tour to a friend that is going next month. Seeing Chernobyl this way really was a highlight of my Kiev trip and anyone in the fence about doing this tour should 100% go for it.

Julie P
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Budapest, Hungary

Exceptional customer service

This was our second visit using SoloEast Travel. From the first communication asking for information, the company have provided exceptional service. Natalia answered all my queries with speed, patience and humour and when our 2nd 4 day trip was almost aborted 2 days before the start, due to flight cancellations, she dismantled it all and when we managed to get alternative flights re-instated everything without complaint. Igor has been our guide on both occasions and made sure we saw all the iconic sights first time and took us to places we requested and others we hadn’t seen before on the 2nd trip. I cannot praise this company highly enough and would recommend it to anyone intending to visit Chernobyl.

Karen G
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I did the 2 day tour back in June 2017 and the trip was great from the beginning! Well organised and our guide, Igor, was knowledgeable and pretty funny!

There is an opportunity before you leave Kyiv to rent a Geiger counter which was well worth it.
The tour was better than expected.
We got to explore way more places. So glad I did the 2 day tour.

The accommodation was fairly reasonable for one night and the food was pretty good too…don’t expect a smile from the hotel staff tho haha

I would do it all over again! Definitely worth the money!

Melbourne, Australia

Visited February 2018

Chernobyl and Pripyat day tour with Solo East.

Me and my brother booked onto this Solo East, one day tour to visit Chernobyl and the abandoned town of Pripyat. Our guide’s name was Nadia and she was very welcoming and professional from the moment we met her to board the bus. The bus meets early at a very central, convenient and easy to find location which to our advantage was only a 5 minute taxi ride away from our apartment. Nadia explained what the schedule for the day’s tour would be and she engaged well with all of us onboard. (She can be quite cheeky and funny; which is what you need on a long tour)
The bus journey in total is approximately 2 hours from Kiev one way, but you are able to use the bathroom and stretch your legs at a service station on route. On route, I would advise you to stock up on drinks and snacks for the day because once you enter Chernobyl exclusion zone and Pripyat there is no opportunity to buy refreshments (apart from the lunch stop off) Nadia played a video on the bus that explains a bit about Chernobyl and how the disaster occurred. This gave us all an insight into what we were about to see, building some excitement for the day ahead. We ventured through all of the necessary check points allowing us into the zones. Be prepared to see very serious guards with guns and little chance of a smile.
However, once you are through; the fun begins. Nadia took us on a walk to get a chance to see the wild horses, a beautiful scene as they were in a group in a snowy field. Nadia stopped the bus on many occasions for us to get out, explore and look at all of the buildings , items left behind and to monitor our radiation levels. Nadia has geiger counters which can be used for the group but you are able to rent your own for approx £10, which we did: but this is not necessary.
Nadia went through lol the rules and guidelines that would keep us safe on our tour and many of them are common sense such as don’t remove items from the zones and do not stray off from the group.
We were able to visit many of the famous sites on the tour such as the kindergarten, the swimming pool and leisure centre, the reactorsand factory, the lake, Pripyat abondoned town where you could see the apartments, shopping centre and restaurant.
As a warning, the tour did require you to be active, mobile and walk a lot; much of this being on uneven or unsettled ground. Something to consider before booking.
Lunch is provided as part of the tour and is substantial. We had a soup and bread to begin with and options for a main or various meat and potatoes and vegetables. (Vegetarian option available too) Drinks and a pastry for dessert was provided.
This is a very interesting tour and a great way of learning more about the nuclear disaster that took place here and the impact it had on the residents and people living close by. A very worthwhile trip and a huge thanks to Nadia! 🙂 I recommended you make time to visit Chernobyl when in Ukraine.

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London, United Kingdom

Day trip to Exclusion Zone

This was a very eye-opening and informative trip. Nazar was both our driver and guide – it was out of season so only 5 people on the minibus.

We were picked up promptly and watched a documentary on route. Once through the check points, we stopped and walked around various places including villages and schools. Nazar talked us through each place with great knowledge and gave us some time to take photos.

We stopped for lunch at noon, which was a pleasant 2-course meal before going inside the 10km Zone. Once inside here, we stopped off just 250m from the now enclosed reactor 4; visited the abandoned town of Pripyat, with it’s well known Ferris wheel and abandoned leisure centre; and used Geiger counters to check spikes in radiation.

Towards the end of the tour, we stopped off at a secret soviet armed forces facility to look at a monstrous nuclear weapons detector, which never actually worked!

Finally, we were dropped off back in the Maiden at around 8. A full day tour.

Richard B

Extremely interesting tour

We travelled with our guide, Navar, from Solo East. He was both very knowledgeable and entertaining throughout the day. I would highly recommend taking this tour with his company if you ever go to Kiev.
The entire day is like nothing you will ever experience in your travels. After a scenic drive through the Ukraine countryside, you will be processed in at the first checkpoint of the day. Once entering the exclusion zone you will stop at an abandoned village that is slowly being reclaimed by nature. As the tour goes on you will have stops at reactor No 4, epicenter of the disaster, the abandoned city of Pripyat, the Duga Radar installation and have a very good lunch before arriving at the radiation detection center to be cleared for exit from the zone. While in the zone your guide will take numerous radiation measurements to show how different areas have been dosed. You will wander the Pripyat amusement park, sports stadium among numerous buildings you will enter. The “high”point will be ascending to the roof of a highrise to look over the area from above. Thank you, Navar for a wonderful day.

Steven P
Level 6 Contributor
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Pueblo, Colorado

What an experiance

We took the one day private trip with Igor. But let me back up I was in contact with Natalia a month before we left she was super helpful and answered all of my questions and gave me the step by step on how the tour would work I put a deposit down and sent my info all was well. We got to Kiev and spent a couple of days eating and drinking and getting over our jet lag. Then Igor showed up right on time and away we went. First stop the checkpoint. We didn’t have to do anything Igor took care of everything.We continued to the Duga 3 radar which was really cool then on to Chernobyl where we had lunch. we then went on to the second checkpoint and into the 15Km zone. It was amazing took tons of photos and saw alot of what I had read about prior to coming. Bottom line if I was to complain about anything it would be my stupidity in only booking one day. I will be back and do this again and I wouldn’t change a thing other than the length. I highly recommend these folks

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Lake Ronkonkoma New York

Amazing 2 day tour

An amazing experience. Although it was a group tour there were only 5 of us so it felt like a private tour. This is the second time my friend and I have visited after we did a 1 day tour in summer 2015. Although the 1 day tour was amazing, the 2 day tour is much much better. We saw much more than on the 1 day tour and in more detail. We also met a re-settler. Igor our guide was amazing and, knowledgeable and funny. The food at the hotel in Chernobyl was nice and perfect for a day walking around in -10 degree weather.

Andy F
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From Leeds

Visited January 2018

Chernobyl in January

The tour to Chernobyl zone is prepared really precisely. On the road from Kiev to Chernobyl (cca 1,5 -2hod) – you are amazed by country around you, you will recieve some info from guides (info about rules and safety in zone), later some history of Chernobyl disaster is shown in TV in the van. Guides were really proffesional, they were really comunicative and ready do answer all the questions. Only one thing on this tour didnt satisfy me. After comming back to Kiev i was missing some recapitulation of trip, or maybe some coffee with the guides – because as we arrived to Kiev, we just left the car and that was it. But for sure, I really recomend visiting Chernobyl with agency Solo Kiev! It was huge experience, for sure I will come back to make some other tour to zone with this agency

Milan B

Incredible experience – Like nothing you have ever seen before

We, 2 friends, spend a breathtaking trip with our excellent guide Igor from Soloeast. We booked a one day trip and were lucky enough to get a pretty much private tour, since we were the only ones who booked a tour on that day. Igor has a lot of experience and could tell us everything about the zone, it’s history and much more. Eventhough the lunch was nothing special, the nice waiters made up for it. We were stunned by what we saw and were happy to learn about the history behind all the places. Igor’s English was very good and he personalized the tour to our interests, not wasting time at boring spots, while giving us a more extensive tour and concise information about the things we wanted to see. The tour is a must when visiting Ukraine and an absolute adventure.

Olivier M

Amazing Eye Opening Experience

Our day tour of Chernobyl was amazing. This was something we had wanted to do for ages and after looking at reviews for the 3 main companies that offer tours we decided to go with Soloeast and we are so glad we did.
Luckily for us our tour only had one other person on it so it felt almost like a private tour just the 3 of us and our guide Constantine and only towards the very end of our tour did we see another tour group so it really did feel like we were the only people there.
Constantine was great, friendly, knowledgable, informative, on hand to take photos of us by the main signs etc.
From pick up to drop off everything ran smoothly, and was very well organised.
We saw everything we wanted to see and more and with the help of Constantine we could imagine what it was like prior to the disaster and the events immediately after.
Lunch was provided and included in the price of the tour and consisted of soup, salad, pork and potatoes and a pastry. This was more than enough for us to see us through the day.
All in all it was an amazing and memorable experience, well organised and great value.
Would highly recommend this company.

TripAdvisor member since 2011
London, United Kingdom

Surreal Snowy Solo Tour

Despite booking on a group tour last week, I arrived to find I was the only person on the tour that day! This was a lovely surprise as it meant we got to see a lot more than a usual group tour would and made it more surreal to see it all on my own. The snow made for some spectacular photos and added to the eerie isolated feeling everywhere you visit. Visiting in winter also meant more buildings were accessible and visible and not concealed by vegetation.
My tour guide Igor was great and very entertaining. He clearly had a strong enthusiasm for Chernobyl and had years of stories and knowledge to share which all made the tour even more interesting.
Considering that this was the cheapest Chernobyl tour available, included a very satisfying lunch, and had such a great tour guide, I would certainly recommend SoloEast Travel to anyone.
Thank you Igor and SoloEast Travel for an unforgettable experience!

Jake H

Cannot Praise This Tour Enough

We spent an EXCELLENT January day with Timur and Solo East. I had very high expectations for this tour and it DELIVERED 100%. Our guide (Timur) was so knowledgeable and he showed us everything we wanted to see. Overall, this was one of the most interesting tours I have ever taken in my life. Thanks Solo East for a great day.

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Astoria, Queens

Amazing Tour Incredibly Fun

I can’t say enough good things about this tour. My two sons and I booked the tour before arriving in Kiev and on the day of the tour met up with the tour company in Maidan Nezalezhnosti. After a two ride to the exclusion zone we started to stop and walk through several different areas. We got as close as a few hundred yards to the reactor area. It was amazing. Im an ammeter photographer using a Canon 6D and I was able to capture so many awesome shots. The tour guide was very informative and surprisingly funny. I highly recommend this tour. 🙂

Washington DC, District of Columbia

Must-do when visiting Ukraine

I went on a daytrip to Chernobyl and it was a unique and great experience. Everything worked out perfectly – there was a good communication while booking the tour, the pickup was on time, lunch was very good and everything was organized very well. Our guide Tania spoke very good English, she knew a lot and explained much information about Chernobyl.
The Chernobyl area itself is unique and certainly worth a visit. It’s also safe to visit and we very extensively briefed about the possible risks and how to behave.
I would absolutely recommend this tour!

Patrick M

A awesome roadside picnic with Igor

The tour was excellent from beginning to the end. A great way to celebrate a new years day, and since we were the first group to open year 2018.; it couldn’t be better! We were a small group but that’s what made it perfect.

Trip from Kiev to the zone and beyond was more interesting and fun with our guide of the day – Igor, who did a fantastic job explaining the sites and stories of the Zone – a very pleasant and funny character 😀 made us laugh our socks off haha

The place itself (Chenobyl, Pripyat, Duga, etc.) gives a chilling experience which, in my opinion, everyone sholud visit and feel

My friend Dora and me (Mario) would very much like to thank Igor and SoloEast for that experience, and we are surely coming back in a few years time to visit the zone.

salud and greetings from Croatia

Mario H
TripAdvisor member since 2013

Visited December 2017

An absolutely amazing day with Igor.

It has been an absolutely AMAZING day exploring the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, especially the abandoned town Pripyat. Everything is left in place and just as it was when evacuation was ordered in 1986. The damaged reactors brand new sarcophagus is very impressive and will contain the radiation for up to 100 years.

Could not Thank Igor enough for this experience, his a great tour guide, well informed and a funny guy 🙂 An asset to SoloEast.

Daryl E
TripAdvisor member since 2012
Norwich, United Kingdom

Incredible experience

This full day tour from Kiev was brilliant from start to finish. Our guide Nadia was very accommodating, knowledgeable and helpful. She allowed us enough time at each stop to explore and was happy to answer any number of questions. The tour is quite well organised and covers a lot. Though a long day, it is very well worth it, a tour like no other. Solo East Travel are very professional and my experience of dealing with Natalia in the office was very positive throughout. Our flight into Kiev from Minsk was delayed by 13 hours and we thought we would not make it on the tour. Thanks to Igor’s quick thinking, planning and coordination with our taxi driver, as well his office and our tour guide, he made sure we reached the first point of stop in time to join the tour there. We can’t thank the Solo East team enough for all their help. The Chernobyl tour is a must for anyone visiting Kiev.

London, United Kingdom

Bucket list gets another tick!

A fantastic tour. Plenty of time spent at locations. No part of the day felt rushed. Plenty of opportunities to take photos, even of the power plant. You can get away with this by photographing a monument in front of the power plant but actually getting the power plant in the picture.
You het plenty of opportunity to walk around inside some derelict buildings in the villages on the way to Chernobyl. In Pripyat you cant enter any buildings but we walked around the town for around an hour or more. Seeing the fairground and ferris wheel was a highlight of the day for me.
The tour guide we had was very informative and had a great sense of humour. My favourite line she used was at the end of the tour when she said
” Thank you for coming on our Chernobyl and Pripyat tour. We look forward to seeing you again after our next nuclear disaster!”
I highly recommend this tour company for the Chernobyl/Pripyat tour.

Miguel B
Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

Yes. Do this now!

Brilliant in every way. Igori was our guide and was expert, polite and friendly…and funny! Take a private tour if you can afford it and GO IN WINTER because when the trees are in full leaf they conceal many of the ruined buildings. We took a private tour in Dec and were literally the only tourists (“visitors” is the official name) there. In summer there can be hundreds, which defeats the purpose of seeing an abandoned, empty place. But have no doubts: brilliant experience. Go with Solo East and go in winter.

Julie M

Visited November 2017

Absolutely incredible!

The tour of Chernobyl from Kiev was one of the best experiences of my life. As someone who has always wanted to visit this place it was so surreal to actually go. The history of the events that took place here is unreal, the guides are so informative and will help you understand everything that happened here. The mini van used for travel is very comfortable and it’s not to far a ride from Kiev, plus they play insightful videos for you on the trip so you can get into it before you arrive. You get a good amount of time to explore and it really is something you’ll never forget. I must say though this is not for the faint hearted as the solitary atmosphere did leave my girlfriend a little bit creeped out!!!

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

One day tour, in Chernobyl exclusion zone

My second time in the zone. Our guide Tania, knows English very well, she is informative and funny. It is amazing that she’s been doing this since this summer and she is like a pro. One day in the zone is not much but we didn’t feel rushed. Lunch in the zone was fantastic. Saw the main attractions, if you are looking for a starter this tour is for you. After your first time you will want to come back anyway.
Meeting point is on the main square easy to get to by Metro. There is a McDonalds and Cafe on site so you can by breakfast and coffee. Recommend Solo East! Make sure you pack warm clothes in during cold seasons!

Balázs S
Budapest, Hungary

Cool tour and cool guide!

Was there with a friend for the one day tour, which was great but I must thank our guide Anastasia for making it even better, super knowledgeable, always answering everybody’s questions, taking pictures for us and for having a particularly good sense of humor with jokes and stuff, we and I guess all others loved it. Lunch was great, sights we visited were awesome, really an amazing experience, I super recommend it!!!

Everything was great, but perhaps, I could “recommend” maybe the driver of those mini buses, to drive a little SLOWER on those roads full of potholes, you know… someone seating in the back could hit the head and hurt itself inside the van… just saying.

Lucas S

Amazing tour which was well organised.

SoloEast have clearly been doing this tour for some time, as it was very well organised from the moment we arrived at the departure point to the time we arrived back in Kiev. The trip departs from a convenient location in the centre of Kiev. We travelled on a modern mini-coach (Mercedes Benz in our case) which was clean and comfortable. The coach held circa 15 people plus driver and tour guide. Although there were a number of groups/mini-coaches on our day of travel we each operated independently, which worked really well; as it kept the numbers manageable. Our driver was good as he kept to the speed limits.
On the way to Chernobyl we were shown a film of the history of the disaster which was really interesting (plus a bit of Top Gear thrown in for amusement). The tour guide, apart from being affable in nature, also knew her history. She also gave us a good explanation around radiation exposure on the day and in the context of international airline travel; to help put our minds at rest. We also received good safety direction.
From a practical perspective, if you are going in the rainy season, obviously take a raincoat but also reasonable footwear as some parts can be muddy. There are a number of toilet opportunities on the trip and you are encouraged to use these when they arise. Lunch was provided on the tour and it was of a decent standard.
This was a fantastic experience and whilst I could go into detail and post photos, it is something that is better experienced first-hand. For our family, this was the ‘icing on the cake’ on our break to Kiev (which we also loved). The ‘ghost’ town of Pripyat was amazing and a little surreal too. What also made for a good trip was to see the guide’s photos of the area just before the disaster so you could compare with the 30 plus years of dereliction in front of you. There are lots and lots of photo opportunities.

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Wickford, United Kingdom

Amazing and unforgettable experience

I would highly recommend SoloEast and this tour for wanting to explore and learn about one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time.

SoloEast are well organised and professional throughout. Swiftly answering all emails and messages during the booking process and leading up the trip. On the day, the collected us from the hotel (at small extra cost) on time brought us to the meeting place where all the formalities were carried out quickly.

The drive out was comfortable with informative documentaries played to help detail the events of the disaster. Our guide Vika was great, informative, approachable and friendly, providing the right balance between getting you around the main sights and allowing sufficient time at each spot explore a little. Her knowledge provided so much detail and information. Lunch provided was decent enough.

I’d recommend SoloEast trips to others without hesitation.

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From UK

Incredible Tour

I would highly recommend this tour. It is a must see. Our guide Nadia was great and full of all sorts of information. We started the tour at 8:00 our meeting time. It was an 8:00am to 8:00pm tour. It takes about two hours from Kiev to get there. We were in the 30km, 10km and 250m areas. We saw the reactor number 4 that was the culprit. It is all encased in something that looks like a large quansithut. Lunch was included. We had it in a little town in the 10 km area. All food etc. is brought in from outside the area. There are approximately 300 stray dogs that live in the area. Sweet things. Just a very eerie experience. I remember when the accident happened. I just never knew enough about it. Now it is a virtual waste land as they have demolished buildings and buried the materials. There are many people that either live within the area or work within it. Just bizarre. We visited some empty towns, the kindergarten, the school, the hotel pool, a piano store, and even a T.V. store. We also looked into deserted apartments. This is a once in a life time tour really. Take advantage of it. We also saw the area where the Russians were spying on the rest of the world. That once was really weird.

Kathleen P
Littleton, Colorado

The Trip Radiates Enjoyment

Kyiv is huge, you can peel off one layer of the city and another vibrant, energetic section is ready for you to explore. If there is one reason to leave this city whilst visiting Kyiv, then it is this, a trip to Chernobyl merits the detour.

Our guide, Nazar at Solo East, was friendly and informative for the entire day, helping to add suspense as the day played out. There is a lot to see; from the dilapidated school house to the colossus Soviet antenna. The town of Pripyat is eerie set among an overgrown fallout zone. With wild dogs performing for the tourists and check-point crossings, you get a real sense that something happened, that your safety is compromised by being here. As the autumn sun falls in the sky, this presented an ethereal aura to the whole region, one that I am glad to have experienced.

Although there is lots to see, I would not recommend spending more than a day here, unless you are a keen photographer wanting to grow your portfolio of the weird and wonderful.

Daniel F

An unforgettable experience

I was so impressed by my experience with SoloEast that it has prompted me to write my first ever tripadvisor review! Right from the moment you board the bus to commence your tour you are shown informative documentaries to set the scene and impress upon you the terrifying, desperate battles that soldiers and civilians waged, sacrificing their health (and often their lives) to prevent the situation from becoming much, much worse… I was in a group that was fortunate enough to have Timur as a guide, and, as previous reviews have attested too, he is fantastic. Every question we asked him about Chernobyl he was able to answer in an informative, entertaining way and his passion for his work really shone through. Walking through this abandoned land is a truly sombre, reflective experience. I returned from my trip with a lot more knowledgeable about what befell the people caught up in the awful disaster, some astonishing pictures and haunting memories. Thank you SoloEast.

James M

Excellent and thoight-provoking day

Thanks to our excellent English-speaking guide Nadia, this was an amazing trip. She expertly moved our small group (17 people) through the checkpoints and gave us so much information. Lunch was good, everything was spot on. Listen to her advice and do what she says! This was a very very good trip and I’d recommend Solo East to anyone.

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Fareham, Hampshire

The Best Experience of My Life Thus Far!

Review of: Chernobyl Private Tour from Kiev
My husband and I just returned from a 5-day private tour of the zone, and this was hands down the best experience I have ever had in my life. Neither of us will ever forget the things we were able to see and experience. Our tour guide and new-found friend, Timur, was THE BEST! I had high expectations for this tour, and Timur went out of his way to make sure this trip went so far above and beyond those expectations words can’t properly explain it. I thought I knew all there was to know about Chernobyl, but Timur was very knowledgeable and had information on the disaster and life before the accident that you will never find in books or on the internet. We are already trying to figure out when we can come for another 5-day tour of The Zone – there is a lifetime worth of things to see and explore. If you’re looking to visit Chernobyl, go with Solo East and be sure to request Timur to be your guide. Timur, дуже дякую for everything you did to make this an unforgettable trip to not just Chernobyl, but Ukraine as a whole. We shared a lot of laughs and made so many priceless memories. You’re the best. =)

-Danielle & Brandon
San Diego, California

Great guide – great day out

Great guide Nadia – the right balance between moving you round between the main sights and allowing you time at each spot.
Everything went smoothly and according to plan, lunch was nice and the day has the feeling of being well planned, with additional flexibility where built in.

Thoroughly recommend.

London, United Kingdom

Visited October 2017

Excellent tour of Chernobyl with guide Konstantin.

Recently visited Ukraine had a great time. took a private tour of Chernobyl with guide Konstantin. A++ for the tour with Konstantin. Very knowledgeable about the exclusion zone. Konstantin was very accommodating to show the places I had an interest to see and so much more! Was very Educational tour of the past and present of Chernobyl. Highly recommend this guide! Had great time on the tour! BIG THANKS to Konstantin and Soloeast!

Sudbury, Canada


Excellent day learning about the Chernobyl disaster. I couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide than Tania. Highlight was walking in the shadow of the reactor and feeding/stroking the dogs.

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Absolute must!
I did this tour with Timur. He was a great guide. He was friendly, knowledgable, and fun. It’s absolutely safe to visit, and you won’t regret it. It’s something you can never experience anywhere else.

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Brooklyn, New York

Simply incredible……
After visiting over forty country’s in the last twenty years, this was up in the top three travel experiences of all time. Simply mind blowing sights, especially the aerial views from the top of a 15 storey. apartment building. Its the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing what a post apocalyptic world would look like. Very well organised, and guide Constantine was very informative and the tour was well paced. Was worth travelling to Ukraine just to do this tour.

Alex B
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lovely jubbly

Meeting point was nice and obvious, got there early, grabbed a coffee and we were off by 8:30am. It’s a 2 hour journey but we had a pit stop, perhaps only 30 mins into the journey where we stocked up on some snacks and drinks to last us the day. The journey was bumpy to say the least so you won’t doze off for long.

We made a couple of stops inside the exclusion zone and then headed off for lunch. This is the last toilet stop for over 4 hours so make sure to bless the traps. We then proceeded deeper into the exclusion zone, past the 10km checkpoint and that’s when it got even better.

The highlights are gonna be all the same for everyone, Duga radar, Reactor #4, the town of Pripyat and the iconic abandoned fairground. The remaining sights are gonna be different for each group, depending on conditions and who your tour guide is. You’ll find out more when you go on the tour. My tour was led by Nadia who was fantastic!! Spoke great English, very knowledgeable, energetic and the most impressive, she had a drive to make our day ultimately enjoyable and unforgettable… and it was!!!

A few things to note:
– I was worried when I read reviews that you might need to surrender your shoes and clothes if you failed the radiation checkpoint. I couldn’t afford to lose my only pair of shoes. Well, this has happened once in something like 15 years and only because he/she went off the beaten track. Listen to your guide, be sensible and you’ve got nothing to worry about.
– we had light showers throughout our day so again, come prepared with waterproofs
– you do a lot of walking on muddy terrain so a pair of walking boots/shoes are advisable. at the very least, make sure your shoes have thick soles so a pair of flimsy plimsolls are out of the question. you’ll thank me for this later
– it got colder as the day went, especially when the rain and winds picked up so make sure you bring an extra layer. I had my hiking gear so I was warm and dry which helped cos I was never uncomfortable. I went in October.
– the only thing I wish I’d brought with me were gloves, not necessarily for warmth
– the original sarcophagus is no longer visible. a new arch has been erected and is firmly in place. this was disappointing but I knew this to be the case beforehand. don’t go with your hopes up.

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London, United Kingdom

Worst Tour Ever!

This tour was so bad that it was fantastic. I slav squatted all the way through the tour and it made my thighs feel like titanium. And the tour guide, well I couldn’t understand him because of the thick accents, but he seemed cool, 10/10 would never go there again, it was horribly good!

Reilly W
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Midland, Canada

Incredible Private Tour of the Zone

A good friend and I decided to book a private tour of the Exclusion Zone from Kiev, and I am very glad that we did it through Solo East. Our guide Timur was friendly, funny, very knowledgable, and knew all of the most unique places to go to create an incredible one-day experience around Chernobyl and Pripyat. This is a truly unusual experience, and to get the most out of it, I would definitely recommend booking with Solo East Travel.

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London, United Kingdom

Very interesting visit to a strange tourist attraction but anyone interested in history should go

A human created disaster would not normally be a recommended tourist attraction but I see this as a must if you have the time when you are in Ukraine.
The silence when you walk in Pripyat is telling. It was the modern city that stopped in time and now nature is taking it back. Also shows what can be achieved when countries work together to contain a disaster.

Big thanks to our English speaking guides Nadezhda and Tania for a great day and lessons in history!

Next time I would make a longer trip to be able to visit radar station also

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From Nassau, New Providence Island

A visit to Chernobyl that will leave you glowing

I must say, that when I suggested booking the SoloEast Chernobyl day trip to my SO, I was a little hesitant myself. Would I leave distraught or worse, radioactive? Would I share the tour with fellow Londoners that I tried to escape in the first place? Would the coach journey to and from worsen my back pain from the springy mattress of soviet style hotel I stayed in the night before? The answers are no, no, no!
In a word, the whole trip was “completely fantastic”. We met with the group at the central independent square, presented our passports, finalised payments and with unsurprising Ukrainian punctuality, away we went, 08:15 on the dot. 25 minutes into the journey we stopped at “wog” petrol station (problematic I know) to pick up sustenance for the rest of the journey. The coach journey flew past as we were entertained with a very insightful showing of a Chernobyl documentary featuring real news reports of the time and Top Gear extracts (my fave!) We reached the first checkpoint and thus began our day of jam-packed nuclear fun. We were led to unforgettable sights that have been a clear influence to the zombie video games I played as a teenager. Of course these sights were made ever more frightening with the “invisible killer” that still haunts Prity’pat. They call the 10km radius of Chernobyl the “exclusion zone” but let me tell you, I’ve never felt more included in a group activity; Tania, Anastasia and Igor the driver led us around like friends, charming and always encouraging you to be more adventurous. “Exclusion zone” more like “loadsa fun zone” This tour is suitable for anyone with an appetite for infamous USSR corruption, and those with strong bladders (never miss the opportunity for the toilet)
Highly recommended.

Sienna M

Visited September 2017

I could not have imagined a better trip

I took a private day tour of the site. This was a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Our guide was extremely smart, courteous, and helpful. From the first second he arrived, made sure that we would be able to visit everything we would want to see.

I’m glad we had a private tour since we were able to avoid most of thr crowded tour bus, move at our own pace, and even visit some new places that the guide had not even seen yet.

All in all an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who would ever consider visiting the site.

Thank you so much!

Chris A
TripAdvisor member since 2012

Had an excellent day!

Very well planned and arranged trip, everything went as smoothly as ever could!

Special mention to our driver / guide Igor,
who’s excellent service attitude, deep knowledge on destination all together with an ability to make discrete / circumspect decisions just crowned the day.

Espoo, Finland

All good and would heartily reccomend

This company did not put a foot wrong and out guide (Anastasia) was first class. If you like dogs take some dog food. A day was fine for us but you can spend a night there and have a 2 day tour.

TripAdvisor member since 2010

Very informative and professional
I really liked the tour and got more that I expected. Apart from seeing basically everything in the zone you also got a guide who knew all the stuff about the place and was able to answer all the questions while throwing in a bit of humour to lighten the atmosphere – if only every guide was like this. The tour lasted whole day and every minute was well spent.
Ask sackrebleu about SoloEast Travel Chernobyl Day Trip


Awesome tour – Highly recommended

Well worth the money! Lots of information before the tour and a reminder the day before. An amazing guide with lots of experience. So we will highly recommend to take the Chernobyl day tour with SoloEast.

Elisabeth J
Oslo, Norway

“Amazing tour with an amazing guide”

We came from Turkey to join this tour. The tour was awesome. The tour guides Anastasia and Tanja are great people that are full of information with fluent English. We highly recommend Solo East Travel to whom thinking to take Chernobyl tour.

Izmir, Turkey

“Top day with lovely people!”

I arranged for pickup from my AirBnB, just having arrived late the previous day in Kiev. Driver Nazar had a little trouble finding my place, which is not well served by Google Maps, but eventually did, and he really set the tone for the day … relaxed, friendly, and professional.

The essentials re passports and paperwork were handled quickly and efficiently, and we headed out of the city in a comfy mini-bus. Toilet and snack stop along the way was good.

Once in the exclusion zone area, Anastasia and the other lovely guide (whose name I’ve forgotten, damn it) were just wonderful at setting the scene and explaining what we were visiting. We stayed just long enough at each spot to get a good look and feel. The guides were great with taking photos of/with us visitors, at lots of places. And they told the story of the incident, the places, the people, the effects … really well.

And at the end of the day, I was the last passenger on the bus, and they took me back to my apartment … which was just really sweet of them. A longer day for all of them, than for any of us visitors, and it was really appreciated.

Just a wonderful day. Thanks guys 🙂

Tony C

“Once in a lifetime”

Literally the best tour I’ve ever been on. Fascinating, well-organised, packed with sights, experiences and surprises. Our guide Nazar was patient, knowledgable, informative and witty (struck a perfect balance between telling us of the full tragedy yet somehow ‘keeping it light’). I expected great things and got even more. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

TripAdvisor member since 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark

“Surreal, fascinating, sad- but definitely worth it!”

If you’re worried this will be ‘touristy’… it won’t. You get right in there, right up close, and it’s definitely a genuine experience.

Wear good shoes- you’ll be walking on glass and rubble.

SoloEast guides were people genuinely fascinated with the place themselves- they’ll take you where others won’t.

TripAdvisor member since 2009

“SoloEast 1 day Chernobyl trip”

A 5 star trip! Everything about the trip fantastic. The guides (Nadia & Tania) were great, especially Nadia’s humour! They couldn’t have packed any more into the day, there was not a wasted minute. I knew about what to expect on these tours and this tour delivered everything I wanted to see. It was a good mixed group, I was expecting all middle aged men (like me!). Great value, thank you SoloEast for a memorable day.

Nick (UK)

“One in a Life Time Experience”

Visiting Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl with SoloEast Travel was a great and one in a life time experience. Nazar who was both our driver and guide, was very informative, knowledgeable and kind. Not only did he take us to all interesting places but he also tried his best to answer all questions from the group. So I would totally recommend SoloEast Travel and Nazar.
A bit more about the tour: Entering the 30km exclusion zone requires some bureaucratic work and Sunday is a popular day for the tour so expect some waiting while entering the zone. We were on a van (small bus) with a total of 17 people so it did not take long. The reason why I had chosen SoloEast was that they guaranteed small buses and they kept their promise. Be careful with other tours since you can end up with a big bus (which we saw on the site) and long waiting periods.
Nazar paid special attention not to encounter with other groups and he was really good at that. Most of the day we were like the only group to visit the sites although there were several groups. Nazar showed photos of the sites before the accident while visiting by which you understand what time and nature can do.
The tour started at 8:15 and we returned to Kiev at around 7:15 so be prepared for a long day. The dress code is not very strict and you can smoke during the day. If there are not any officials or police (which is the case for most of the time), you can visit the buildings in Pripyat inside as well, although it is stated as forbidden.

Kaan R
TripAdvisor member since 2013

“A must do!”

This trip was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Kiev. Our tour guide Nazar picked us up at our hotel and I was immediately impressed with his friendliness. A 2 hour drive and we arrived at the 30km exclusion zone which is the start of the tour! From there you drive in toward the reactors and then to Pripyat. All I can say is that it’s amazing! Very surreal and incredibly interesting. Nazar showed us pictures of Pripyat as it was in the early 1980s and the contrast is incredible.

The famous Ferris wheel emerges from the forest!

The tour ends with a stop at an old Soviet missile detection installation, which was impressive!

Lunch was also included in a small hotel in Chernobyl town.

If you’re in Kiev, you simply must do this tour. I’d give it 6 stars if I could.

Belfast, United Kingdom

“My amazing day in Chernobyl with Vika ”

As soon as I met Vika at check in she was amazing , she was happy and humerus and made it easy for me. From then on she was very knowledgeable and explained everything, answered any questions we in the group had and showed us some amazing places and things. I am extremely happy with my tour with her and soloeast , and I recommend them and Vika to anyone, you won’t be disappointed
Ps, don’t call her the violet pyjama

From Brisbane, Australia

“Great tour to Chernobyl, don´t miss it.”

We went to Chernobyl and Pripyat 2/9 and it really exceed my expectations.
Anastasia the guide we had was just great, good english speaking and most of all, she felt passioned and really engaged ( five stars ).

Maria B
TripAdvisor member since 2008

Visited Аugust 2017

“Fantastic experience with SoloEast”

I travelled a lot, but Chernobyl is absolutely unique destination. I choosed SoloEast and it was great choice. Victoria (Vika) was a brilliant tour guide – clearly very passionate and knowledgeable. Highly recommended, safe and very informative.

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Jacksonville, Florida


Fantastic day with Anastasia our guide, who was very knowledgeable and passionate..and knew some great spots to show us….it’s safe to visit (not all guides/tours are the same), but I would take good shoes, long sleeves and long trousers ad a good dose of water in the summer…oh and a good camera…it’s very photogenic. Would certainly book with solo east again. Lunch was brilliant too!

TripAdvisor member since 2009

“Fantastic experience, made better by the facilities and knowledgeable guide – Many thanks!”

I visited with friends after wanting to go here since the exclusion zone opened to tourists in 2009 – we immediately settled on SoloEast to book our tour following great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Words can’t describe the experience of walking through the abandoned city, and I could flood this site with thousands of pictures taken during the tour.

We were picked up promptly, and allocated a coach, with air conditioning & wifi to travel to the zone, we stopped about 1 hr away for a comfort break and to pick up snacks.

Entry to the zone was quick and hassle free

We visited the Chernobyl town, various monuments, the site of the power station, DUGA-3 Radar and township, and finally Pripyat (the holy grail for me). We spent maybe 1hr 45 or so within the town and got to explore almost all of it (bar the swimming pool & palace of culture).

Discussing with my friends after, we felt we would opt for a private tour next time, whilst the group was only 18 or so, it made getting photos without other people standing in (or walking into frame) quite difficult – so I had to hang back to get my photos – apologies for everyone who had to wait for me….

Our guide, Nadia was very knowledgeable about the disaster, (despite likely happening well before her time) the repercussions and effects on the local wildlife and populace, and made no secret of the fact that a lot of this was hushed up at the time under the former Soviet regime. Nadia and the other tour guide (also operated by Solo East) spoke excellent English, and were able to answer questions at length about the tour.

Whilst the tour was quite a long day, walking was maybe restricted to an hour or so at any time – so hardly too tiring) the hours were about 8am from pickup to to 8pm (drop off – we arrived back in Kiev about 9ish following a short breakdown – unforeseeable, but a bit of help from the tourists got it back up and running and we were able to carry on without incident.

This was a fantastic experience, one I will definitely repeat within the next 20 years, and I urge anyone who is interested in the disaster to attend, very well done SoloEast, and Nadia in particular!

Andy F

“Amazing experience in Chernobyl”

Our private tour for three persons was amazing. Kostya knew the history and area and took us every place we could imagine. The pick up was exactly on time at our hotel in Kiev and the 12 hour day was spent seeing and learning about the disaster. We were so thrilled with the experience that we booked another SoloEast guide, Anna, for a 4 hour walking tour of Kiev the next morning. Highly recommend this travel agency for anything to do around Kiev.

TripAdvisor member since 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark

“Beyond great experience!”

We went on a private tour with Soloeast 25.08.2017. The booking process was smooth, and we got picked up as agreed on our hotel.

We were met by our guide and the driver and they checked that we had the necessary equipment and papers.

On our way to Chernobyl, we got lots of information from an extremely knowledgeable and likable guide. She put on several interesting information videos, and the 2 hour drive went fast. The car was also equipped with portable WIFI, so we could use the Internet.

At the 30 km exclusion zone checkpoint, we gave the other travellers and guards a good laugh when we revealed our “slightly overkill” equipment consisting of tyvek hazmat dresses and protective boots…

The guide and driver wore regular clothes, and the guards and police seemed to find our group quite amusing: 9 guys in hazmat suits led by a good looking female guide who wore regular clothes…

From the 30 km exclusion zone we went to several checkpoints and our guide told jokes and gave us information all the time. We learned a lot during this trip, but we also had a great time as our guide and driver were extremely likable people.

We got too see the reactor up close, we saw the fish in the cooling channel. We spent a long time in pripyat and at the “duga-3” installation. In between we visited several other sights with the kindergarden, the robots, signs etc. We also had a nice lunch inside the 30 km exclusion zone.

We felt safe after getting the necessary information, and we also felt good about being scanned several times when passing the checkpoints.

We learned more that we had expected, we saw much more that we could have imagined and we had an overall “beyond great” experience.

TripAdvisor member since 2014
Harstad, Norway

“Two day Chernobyl Tour with SoloEast”

I cannot believe Chernobyl is not a globally popular destination! I travel around a lot and this has probably been the best experience of my life! Millions travel to see the holocaust attractions while this one is almost forgotten. The trip is pretty safe!

I travelled with SoloEast, I have had the best experience with them, throughout planning the trip until it actually happened. We have exchanged emails over 40 times in order to make my drone plan work. They were there on time in Maidan on the day of the trip. I was with a great tour guide, Igor, with a lot of knowledge, great spirit, funny and an excellent English language. He loves what he does and it shows. He took us to every corner in Pripyat, was patient with our photography requests, and cleared all our doubts. He made the trip to Chernobyl not only informative, but fun!

The food was good enough, the hotel rooms were basic but clean, and lets be honest, on your 2 day tour, would will just sleep and sleep and sleep when you get to your hotel room. I was also allowed to fly my drone since we planned this in advance, Igor was very patient and even suggested to me where I should be doing it for the good shots.

As a bonus for our already awesome trip, Igor took us to meet one of the self-settlers, this was really really cool.

This was the best experience of my life, mainly because it’s Chernobyl and partly because it was with a good tour company ‘SoloEast’ and it was well planned.

A small advice, if you have time, go for the 2 day tour, it’s worth it.

No doubt I will be doing this again…

Ahmad A
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Fantastic experience! ”

I was planning to go there for quite some time. Finally with group of friends we’ve decided and booked a one day tour. And it was great. Our guide Nadezdha was informative funny and super friendly. Me and my friends were always staying behind mesmerised by all the environment. Thanks for not leaving us behind! Hah

So,we’ve spent the first part of the day in the surrounding villages, and had a lunch. Then alongside with visiting the Duga-3 radar my jaw just dropped. It’s impossible to explain in words how big is it. You have to see it for yourself. After seeing couple more cool places like reactor no.4 we’ve finally stopped in Prypiat.
And my god how good it was!
Being able to see with our own eyes the Ferris wheel, swimming pool, other amazing abandoned buildings, great panorama of the city from a top of the roof..
Simply awesome!
I recommend one day tour for people visiting Zone for the first time as it gives you an idea and sort of feeling for this place.
We’ll definitely be back this time for a private tour to immerse ourselves even deeper!


“Excellent trip”

Booked the one day Chernobyl tour. We were locked up in central Kiev in a modern air con minibus with Wi-Fi. Excellent tour guide Vika who was very knowledgeable. It’s about a two hour drive to the exclusion zone. There we drove round the site with numerous stops for photos. Then toured the abandoned buildings of pripiyat. Derelict and abandoned so wear tough shoes. Saw all the sites, swimming pool, amusement park etc. Dinner was provided at a cafe at about 3pm. First class trip, highly recommended.

TripAdvisor member since 2009

“Amazing tour with an extremely knowledgeable guide”

We met in central Kiev for the 1 day group tour. Our guide for the day was Nazar, who spoke excellent English. The drive to Chernobyl was about 2 hours, with a quick stop at a services to get some food/water. There was a lot of video documentaries on the drive which were extremely informative and entertaining.

During the day we managed to visit a large number of locations around Chernobyl, and Nazar was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining with his tour.

I couldn’t recommend a tour of Chernobyl more, and SoloEast would definitely be my recommended provider, the entire day was brilliant.

Leeds, United Kingdom

“Great Experience”

Very educational and enjoyable at the same time. SoloEast are extremely well organized and work hard to make this a great day out. Our guide, Timor, was extremely knowledgeable, has a lovely sense of humour and a is very nice person to get to know. I particularly noted that, rather than filling their coaches to capacity and running the minimum number of coaches and guides to maximize their profit, SoloEast ran more coaches and guides so that the groups were small, comfortable and intimate. As a result, there was plenty of room to stretch out on the coaches, it was easy to chat with the other participants, and there was always the opportunity to ask Timor any questions of personal interest. I highly recommend this tour and this tour operator.

TripAdvisor member since 2005
London, England

“2 private tours, most special place in the world, fantastic experience all round”

Having been once already to the Zone, I booked a private tour with SoloEast for me and my friends in June, and after spending 3 of the most incredible days of my life in the zone, with Nastya and Nazar as our guides, I started planning another private tour as soon as I got back to Kiev. Same amazing guides, new places to explore.

The exclusion zone is a special place: you can see the remains of an extinct empire, the post-apocalyptic display of nature taking back cities, and all in an atmosphere of pure exploartion, without tourist luxuries. It’s my favourite place in the world, here time has stopped for 30 years, and the result is just an overpowering feeling of peace, despite the horrors that the disaster inflicted upon those who lived here.

The amazing thing about going with Nastya and Nazar is the very clear joy and excitement with which they go about their work: it’s not just show and tell, they have their own deep desire to discover more, to learn more, and to convey their love of the place to others. Having guides like this, who explore with you, rather than just stick to a set itinerary, makes a huge difference when visiting a place like the Zone. Highly recommend this company and these guides to anyone I meet. Thanks for delivering two amazing tours to us!

Francis F

“Once in a lifetime experience. Great company to work with.”

I had an absolute blast. Relative to other things in Ukraine the trip seems expensive, but it is really worth every penny. Anastasia, the guide we had, was well informed and had a wicked sense of humour. She also had a good eye for the area and was able to take us to places which were less visited. The process seems a bit intimidating on paper, but it’s really not once you get there. The rules are simple and if you follow them you’ll emerge perfectly fine. The transport was very comfortable and the payment process was clean and easy.

Tyler B
TripAdvisor member since 2007
Ottawa, Canada


The trip was awesome. It is, in my opinion, a “MUST DO” activity for visitors to Ukraine. It is relatively expensive (when you first see the price) but it is worth every cent. The organisation is first class. You can choose to be collected from your hotel or you can meet at a central pre arranged location. The vehicles used to transport the team are modern & well equipped. The written briefings received prior to departure were very informative. Igor – the local manager was like a well oiled machine organising the various groups into the vehicles at the start of the day. Our driver (Nazar) was really good. He had huge knowledge of the history of the disaster & the local area. He really made the trip come alive. Thoroughly recommended!!

Anthony C
Christchurch, New Zealand

“Best trip ever! ”

Very interesting, adrenalin trip! I saw everything what i wanted to see! Power plant, pripjat, chernobyl, willages, duga radar… And very good microbus with movies about disaster there..

Zlin Region, Czech Republic

“Just awesome”

This was a one off, awesome experience. Our guide was Nadya & she was fantastic.
The customer service at SoloEast deserves a mention first of all – it was absolutely first rate, very professional but also very friendly.
We arranged transport from and to our hotel for a small extra charge as it was our first day in Kiev & we weren’t sure of how far the pick up point was.
The trip itself was amazing, I remember it happening & never imagined I would see the place first hand…
They show a film on the journey which is fascinating-sad but fascinating & then you get to see all of the places…
I learned so much that day – don’t forget your passport, and don’t forget your camera! Make sure you wear proper footwear & have clothing to cover your arms & legs.
This experience will live with me forever, from standing next to the iconic Ferris wheel in Pripyat to feeding the giant catfish near the reactor – totally unforgettable.
Lunch was also included & Nadya makes sure you know where is safe/unsafe to tread, where there are rest rooms and also has some amazing ‘before’ pictures to compare.
Word of warning – there are lots of bugs & I got bitten a few times…but it was sooo worth it!
Highly, highly recommended if you are ever in the area.

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Halesowen, United Kingdom

“Excellent tour to the Exclusion Zone”

Really well organised tour. Nazar was our driver and guide and gave detailed explanations and information with a sense of humour. The day went so quickly, and everyone was enthralled by such an extraordinary and disturbing place. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Kiev.

TripAdvisor member since 2007
Adelaide, Australia

“Excellent in everything ”

Chernobyl was really fascinating to visit although hopefully there won’t be many of these attractions in the world. Our tour guides Anastasia and Timur were two of the best guides we ever had in tours. Knowledgeable, interesting with a good sense of humor, answering all sorts of questions related to chernobyl and ussr. Organization wise all was fine. The chernobyl tour is not to be missed if you are in kiev and soloeast is highly recommended for it.

TripAdvisor member since 2009
Athens, Greece

Visited July 2017

“Amazing experience with great guides”

Our guide was Nastya and our driver was Nazar, both really great and informative, as well as making sure we were safe and comfortable the whole time. Indescribable trip, cannot recommend more. Learnt a lot over the two days, which felt like so much longer.

Elsa C

““I am extremely happy of my choice, worth every cent””

I ended up booking with Solo Travel after checkin online all the website that were offering the same tour in Kiev. I took into account prices, type of payments accepted and reviews and I finally decided to book with them. It turned out it was a really satisfatory decision as the tour was really well organised in every detail. Our guide Nadia, a tecaher with a deep knowledge about the history of the country and the area, was well prepared and a nice person. She was available for every sort of question along the day during the experience in the exclusion zones and always listened to us with a smile. If go back I would definitely bok again with them. Thanks Nadia and to all the staff, keep up with the great job

Federico F
Budapest, Hungary

“Private tour to Chernobyl”

We had a private tour to chernobyl. The booking and the pick up at our appartement went without any problems. Our tour guide Nadia was super fun and knew all about chernobyl and spoke very good english. We had a great time and saw all the places we wanted to see and even some places that we didn’t expect. I can highly recommend it.

Hamburg, Germany

Lifetime experience 5/5

Our guide knew loads of interesting and nice to know stuff about the destination. She spoke very good English also !! We also covered all the major places of The Zone and had plenty of time to take photos and hang around.

Very good price and smooth ride +++

Highly recommended.

Viola M
From Espoo, Finland

A great day out

You meet up in the centre of Kiev at 8.00am. You meet you’re guide, and are quickly put on a minibus. My guide, Tamir, immediately came over as friendly and helpful. There were about four minibuses that day but once you’re on board its not a convoy each minibus makes its own way. There were about 10 on my minibus – a mixture of couples and solos.

If you’ve hired a geiger counter you get it handed out here. Whether you need one is very much personal choice. The guide has one and will always tell you what the radiation level is whenever you ask but I quite enjoyed being able to glance at mine.

Its about a two hour drive to the 30km exclusion zone and one the way there is a brief 10 minute stop at services to pick up drinks and snacks. There is also a video on board – I thought I might find this tedious but it was fascinating and really set up the visit.

First you pass through the 30km check point into the exclusion zone – you have to book and provide passport details in advance. There’s another check point at 10km.

In the morning we visited remote abandoned villages and the town of Chernobyl itself – there’s lots of reviews on here so I won’t go into detail. Lunch was in Chernobyl – better than I’d expected. Basically soup followed by pork chop – vegetarian was available.

In the afternoon there was more of Chernobyl, including a memorial, and some equipment that was used to clear roofs of reactors. Then its off to the reactors themseleves – you get to about 200-300m from the new dome over the reactor that exploded. Finally a visit to Pripyat – the abandoned town closest to the reactor. We spent quite a long time walking through the town – the guide gave us a choice of walking or using the minibus. Really fascinating – and interesting how nature is taking the town back over – in some places its hard to recognise its a town.

On the way back you visit a massive old Russian radar station, get a radiation check, and then back to Kiev. We were back aout 7.30pm. Its a long day but well worth it.

The guide was superb – laid back, happy to talk and answer questions – and always making sure we happy. Excellent Englsih.

For those woried about radiation levels most of the trip the radiation levels are normal levels. Close to the reactor and around Pripyat I recorded levels about 6/7 times normal levels generally although it varies and this was the upper end. There are some ‘hot spots’ but they very localised and you have to bend down onto the ground to record significantly higher levels – about 150 times normal. Overall they say you get less total radiation then a long haul flight.

My tip would be to take some insect repellent. Insects aren’t always a problem but there one or two locations where they were a nuisance.

I’m not sure if the tour always follows the same order. Although there were quite a few minibuses at check points they don’t all follow each other.

One of the best tours I’ve ever done.

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From UK

“Excellent private tour in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone”

Our private tour with SoloEast was a great experience. Our guide, Konstantin, was a very pleasant and knowledgeable conversationalist with excellent English.
The process of booking the tour and the communications leading up to the trip were very good.
The trip began with a pickup by Konstantin at our hotel at 7:30 (the time was our choice). The drive to the 30km exclusion zone took about 2.5 hours with a quick stop for a coffee on the way.
We visited the Duga first (highly recommended! – and make sure you explore the buildings near to the Duga – there are lots of cold war artefacts still there).
Then off to a deserted kindergarten, not far from Chernobyl. Konstantin showed us some of the “hot spots” of radiation in the ground with a Geiger counter.
We also elected to visit the incomplete cooling tower of Unit 5 – this is highly recommended and great for photographs.
With a quick stop near the destroyed Unit 4 (now covered with the impressive “New Safe Containment”) we headed off to the deserted town of Pripyat, a couple of miles away. Visiting Pripyat is a unique experience. It is essentially a frozen (but now decaying) snapshot of a Soviet model town from the 1980s that was evacuated within a matter of hours.
A very pleasant lunch was provided in the town of Chernobyl.
All in all, we were both very impressed with this guided tour. We saw perhaps four other people throughout Pripyat. We weren’t sure whether this was because there was nobody else there or that Konstantin had done a great job of avoiding the crowds. Either way, Pripyat is best experienced alone!
Some points to note:
– Follow the guidance offered by the guide on where to avoid, etc.
– Bring a camera – this is a once in a lifetime experience.
– The entrance to the zone is rigorously controlled. Ensure you double-check passport numbers, etc.
With regards safety, the maximum background radiation that we measured was about the same as that measured on the flight over!
Highly recommended.

Michael R
Bristol, United Kingdom

Really really interesting – totally worth it!

Debated whether to visit Chernobyl or not (in terms of ‘safety’) but so glad we went to see it – the trip was my favourite day during our stay in Kiev – it was super informative and educational. Really eye opening and Timur had a fantastic sense of humour throughout which made it very enjoyable.

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London, United Kingdom

“We spent Interresting day on the Chernobyl Day Trip”

Very nice quide and driver. Long day 12h. Seen very many interresting places, could not been better in 12 hours. I only hope that I had time for two days trip…

Pentti K

“Once upon a time… ”

Let me tell you all something. Forget anything and everything else you’ve read or heard about Chernobyl and listen to me: book with SoloEast and make sure you get Nadia! That’s it. I don’t want to hear your excuses; just go!

The level of detail, organization, and care for the customers is something I have never seen in over 50 countries I have been to. Nadia was extremely knowledgeable, kind to the local animals, and always taking care of her guests. She was simply the best!

She took ample time to show us everything and engaged with us we truly felt special. Just book it. They will take care of you!

Miami, Florida

Nice Guide, Best driver ever, awesome tour!

We booked this Tour only two days prior to departure, but the repräsentative in the phone (Victor) was very understanding and offered us Tickets right away. He spoke fluent English and was even helping us with technical payment issues.

On the morning oft departure, we met our tour guide Nastia, who was very charming and seasoned the tour with a plethora of interresting facts about the exclusion zones.

After a short busride, which was accompanied by a screening of media footage of the disastrous nuclear incident, we arrived at the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Nastia not only explained to us the events that led to the nuclear meltdown, but also showed us places that stood as an example of the horrific changes this event imposed upon the local landscape as well as the inhabitants.

She safely guided us through one of the worlds most contaminated places, while still giving everyone the opportunity to photograph all their desired motifs.

After visiting abbandoned villages in the outer rim, we saw the City of Chernobyl with its still ongoing infrastructure, the actual nuclear power plant with the recently installed NSC and also the Ghost Town of Pripyat with the Amüsement Park and other known places.
At the End, we were driven to a highly secured Area containing secret Soviet spying equipment, which we Werke allowed to inspect.

After this marvellous journey and after passing multiple dosimeter checkpoints, we left Chernobyl and headed back to Kyiv.

Many thanks to Igor, our organizer on scene, and to our driver, who saved our lifes many times from the stupidity of others!
And thanks to Nastia for guiding us through this dangerous place, protecting us from unseen radiation hot spots and sharing the love for the poor exclusion-zone dogs, who constantly accompanied us during the tour.

Thanks and greetings from Germany!

Fabio H

Highly recommended

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chernobyl tour with SoloEast. It was a long day (8am-8pm) but it really didn’t feel that long as there were many things to do and places to see. Konstantin was a knowledgeable guide with a good sense of humour, and the driver Nazar was excellent too.

The videos were also very interesting, giving lots of information about the events of 1986 before venturing into the exclusion zone. It was a very strange experience visiting Chernobyl and Pripryat but something I’m very glad I did. Thanks to Konstantin, Nazar and SoloEast for a great trip!

TripAdvisor member since 2009
Hong Kong, China

Unforgettable Chernobyl day trip by SoloEast Travel and Nadya

What a day: 12 hours filled with information, history, emotions – and loads of surreal scenes. The tour was very well organized, the vehicle and driver excellent, even the lunch at the Chernobyl canteen was tasty.

Special thanks to our great guide Nadya, who took us to the places we thought it’s not possible to visit! Absolutely un unforgettable, yet bewildering day.

Helsinki, Finland

“Great organized tour”

We really enjoyed our tour to Chernobyl. It all started at 8 am on Majdan square and we rode with a comfortable van to Chernobyl. All tour was really well organized, we made a lot of stops in different places (Chernobyl, little abandoned village, Pripjať and also impressive Duga radar). Our guide was really well informed and could answer all of our questions. Also the lunch was even better than we expected! Top moment of the tour was the climbing the 16 floor abandoned house in Pripjať with magnificent view to the whole city and reactor. Me and my friend can totally recomment this tour

Prague, Czech Republic

“Excellent day trip”

A friend and I when visiting Kyiv took a Chernobyl tour with solo east travel and the day was brilliant and definitely exceeded all our expectations! We had a wonderful tour guide, Vika, who was very enthusiastic and had a wide knowledge of the chernobyl complex and incident and also of the soviet period in general.
The day was slick and well organised, there was no unnecessary waiting around, there was also a big, hearty lunch provided (the many sandwiches my friend and I made were not needed! Although you still might want to take some snacks).
It was good value for money, on the minibus we watched a documentary about the incident and at Chernobyl we saw the famous ghost town of Pripyat plus other small and now abandonned communities. All in all a great and super interesting day!



What an experience! Very well organized and efficient. The van that took us was nice and comfortable with well timed comfort breaks. Nadia’s commentary and video presentation were very informative and added to the trip. Once we arrived at the 30 kilometer zone the real fun began! Unfortunately for us, the rain started but Nadia made sure it didn’t impede our experience. The tour at Chernobyl and Pryipat was quite extensive and more than satisfied our curiosity! Nadia not only took us to all the key locations but also some special ones!! Lunch provided at the canteen was delicious, authentic and filling. For the life of me I cannot recall the drivers name but he was quite informative as well as personable. At no time during this excursion did we feel unsafe or not looked after properly. Truly a awesome experience, couldn’t recommend SoloEast more highly. Bravo!!

Saint Louis, Missouri

Incredible Day, Great Guides!

I had always wanted to see the Exclusion Zone, and I’m so glad I did, especially with SoloEast. Booking was pretty quick and easy online, and the pickup point was conveniently located right by Maidan. Our guide, Timur, was fantastic. Great level of English, funny, informative…made us all feel safe, while still having us understand the gravity of what we were experiencing. I’m still floored by how close we were able to get to the reactor (or at least to the sarcophagus, which is mind-bogglingly massive), and memories of wandering through Pripyat will stay with me for a long time to come. I absolutely recommend SoloEast.

Sam R
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Saint Paul, Minnesota

Solo East Chernobyl tours

Did just a day tour and really wished I had the time to have done a two day tour. The tour was great and Nadia our guide was very knowledgeable and seemed to have an inherent desire to share all she knew on the subject in an outstanding personable manner. Would recommend the tour in a heart beat.

TripAdvisor member since 2010
Cumming, Georgia

“What an experience!”

We had a amazing day trip to Chernobyl exclusion zone. Nastia was a terrific guide with a great sense of humor to boot. Highly recommended!

Beth E
TripAdvisor member since 2015

“Great Trip”
We had a great day in the exclusion zone with Nadia. We saw a lot of hidden spots and the villages were not busy at all.

TripAdvisor member since 2013

Visited June 2017

Dear Solo East Travel,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to your team and in particular Igor for the group 2 day tour last week (12th – 13th June 2017)

Having previously completed the 1 day tour this trip really added to my understanding as to what is, lets not forget, a tragic accident.

Our guide Igor has a deep understanding of the zone but apart from his great sense of humour what I found most touching was the way we were introduced to a resettler and the way he interacted with everyone we came into contact with.

I shall of course write a review on Trip Advisor and share the odd picture on Facebook.

I am now thinking up an excuse to visit again!

Once again, thank you to all,

Kind regards,


“Above and beyond service with incredibly knowledgeable guide!”

I’m not your average solo traveler. I have celiac disease and a plethora of other allergies and considerations. My review is 2 parts: The actual trip and how they dealt with my special requirements.

Part 1: The Chernobyl Experience: I booked this trip last minute since I had a 22 hour layover in Kiev. I was picked up from the airport and immediately Konstantin, my guide, got right into the history and culture of the Ukraine. No question was off limits to him and he knew EVERYTHING! Konstantin made sure I got my money’s worth for having a private tour! He planned my visit to different places in the Exclusion Zone away from the times of typical tours so it seemed that we were the only people in the area. I was very impressed! He really honed in on my interests and focused our day on things he thought I would like or would want to learn more about. The only reason I took the private tour was for the convenience of airport pick up at my time, but I’d have to say that I’d do it again regardless. It was truly a unique experience from start to finish!

Part 2: My food experience for other celiacs/those with allergies:
Since I needed additional care with regards to my food, Konstantin found a time when other tours weren’t eating and we ate then. This way, we could speak with the chef, make sure there was time for the kitchen to get it right. He took great care in ensuring that my food was safe for me and even phoned ahead and asked clarifying questions before I ate. Since I had such a short time in the Ukraine and needed food for dinner and the plane, Konstantin took me to the grocery store on the way home. I didn’t ask for this, but it was exactly what I needed! This is what I mean by a truly above and beyond experience.

I would recommend Konstantin and Solo East Travel to absolutely anyone!

TripAdvisor member since 2007

“A must-do experience”

This was the 2nd time with SoloEast I went to Chernobyl to show a friend and it was a great experience. I’d like to thank Tetiana, she knows very well about the place and she showed us some impressive views of the accident area in Pripyat. If you’re going to Ukraine this is a company I certainly recommend you.

Felipe N
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Neuchatel, Switzerland

“Fascinating trip with thoughtful guide.”

On a short visit to Kiev, a friend and I wanted to visit the site of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Solo East was recommended to us as a tour company by other friends, so we booked with them. We were not disappointed!

Communication about payment and passport details before the trip was friendly and professional. You can pay the balance of the trip before before you arrive, which saves a bit of time in the morning. On the day, the buses and guides were waiting at the appointed time, in an easily reachable part of central Kiev.

After a quick name check, we were off. The drive to Chernobyl takes about 2 hours, and during this time, an informative video is shown on the minibus. The minibus itself was modern and comfortable. Upon arrival at the barrier to Chernobyl, the guide deals with all of the formalities, and visitors can take photos of the small shrine and surrounding area.

Once the visit proper commences, the tour takes in multiple sites around the exclusion zone, including the abondoned village of Zilesia, Pripyat and the power station itself. Our guide, Viktoria, was excellent. She explained everything in detail, and with a very empathetic manner. She allowed plenty of time for photos, and even added in little details, like bringing crackers to feed the catfish.

The excluding driving, the trip lasted for seven hours, and included lunch. We had the vegetarian option, which was a potato soup, followed by grilled vegetables and chips, with sweet pastries and apples for pudding. Apart from the restaurant stop, there is no opportunity to obtain food inside the exclusion zone, so I would recommend bringing snacks and water with you, as the day involves a lot of walking.

It was a fascinating trip. I was worried beforehand that it seemed a bit “ghoulish” to visit the site of such a massive disaster, but I am pleased that I went as it has given me a greater understanding of the effect that it had on the lives of the people of the region. Our guide was very thoughtful throughout.

On a practical note, at no point were we afraid of radiation. Our guide carried a Geiger counter the entire time, and in many places, the background radiation was lower than in central Kiev.

I have no hesitation recommending Solo East’s Chernobyl tour. It was a really good day trip.

TripAdvisor member since 2011
London, United Kingdom

“Would have given 6 stars if possible! Amazing!”

A year ago I have booked a two day tour to Chernobyl with SoloEast. Just a couple of days before we were about to go, we had to cancel due to family circumstances. An immediate reply from SoloEast told us not to worry. After a couple of months, we decided again to go, informed SoloEast about our new plans and got confirmed again. The price of the tour had lowered in the meantime; I didn’t notice – SoloEast did and refunded the price difference. Many companies could learn from this attitude!

So finally, we arrived at Kiev. At the time expected we were welcomed by two SoloEast minivans and their guides. As we were on the two day tour, Igor B was our guide for these days. Igor knows an amazing lot of things about the area, the history, and the spots you would definitely want to see. The way he brings the information was perfectly clear in English and with a good sense of humor 🙂 As photographers, we were very happy to find out that Igor was pointing out interesting views and things you wouldn’t have noticed when just passing by on our tour. For anyone who is into photography: definitely take the two day tour. There is so much to see that you wouldn’t be able to see on a one day tour!

The entire tour was so much impressive and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested. No need to fear (as I hear a lot about, around me)!

Thanks a lot SoloEast and especially Igor for our amazing experience on visiting Chernobyl/Prypjat and Duga!

Mark v
TripAdvisor member since 2012

“A truly unique experience”

Our private guide, Timur, was very knowledgeable and great fun to spend the day with!

We had the chance to see the Duga radar station, the outside of Reactor 4 as well as the ghost town that is Pripyat.

We felt safe throughout the entire day and weren’t in any way worried about radiation.

It was a truly unforgettable day which provided incredible insight and photos that made friends incredibly jealous.

Many thanks for SoloEast and Timur for making it happen.

Richard M
TripAdvisor member since 2014
Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Nadia was our tourguide, superprofessiional and supernice!
we were travelling on a new mercedes bus, also very comfy – the tour was mindblowing, very strange place!
the organisation was perfect – I recommend!

jucylucy l
TripAdvisor member since 2012
Frankfurt, Germany

“Amazing experience ”

Amazing experience. Respectfully executed while being informative and incredibly interesting. Lunch was fantastic. Our driver and guide were fantastic! They were entertaining, friendly and had a lot of knowledge. Would definitely recommend.

Olivia L
TripAdvisor member since 2013

“Friends weekend”

Me and my friends enjoyed a day tour with Tetiana and we liked it allot.The tour was well balanced with enough alternation to keep the attention of the group and the female guide was giving us a lot of information in the right way so we didn’t got overwhelmed by all the information and impressions. What led us to a successfull day

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Amazing Tour of the Exclusion Zone.”

My wife and I took a tour with Solo East of the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl NPP, due to a change of our original plans we were booked for a 1 day tour but I wanted to see more so I asked if I could change our booking to a 2 day tour. This was absolutely no problem with Solo East and I’m so glad I did that change. I would really honestly recommend the 2 day tour over the 1.

On the first day we visited the Duga Array which is an amazing soviet structure, originally built to look for missile launches from the US and other countries, but it fell out of use when the Chernobyl plant blew up. The sheer scale of the structure is awe inspiring and an amazing example of cold war technology, especially if you’re a nerd like me. Among other roadside stops we made our way to the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and ‘Pripyat’ (the abandoned town).

The NPP is fascinating, from a physics point of view and from the sheer enormity of what happened and the subsequent construction project built to protect the future of the area. The New Safe Containment unit is quite something to see, I only wish I’d visited earlier when the original Sarcophagus was still visible. You can get really quite close to the plant, just don’t take photo’s of a few specific things (i.e. the Guards) and you’ll be fine. You get to stop at the other end of the plant and feed the Catfish too, which sounds silly but everyone loves seeing the huge (not 3-eyed) catfish coming up for bits of bread.

Pripyat is an amazing place, it has to be seen to be believed, nature is very rapidly reclaiming this part of the zone, you could be walking along the main street or through a forest, it’s only when you take a few steps left of right that you see the front door of an apartment block or shop front appear in front of you. Unfortunately a lot of (most of) Pripyat has been vandalised and looted over the years, but what remains is a fascinating insight into what life was like there in 1986. Murals, soviet paintings, building styles all serve as testament to the Pripyatian way of life.

All of this wouldn’t mean very much without the guides who deserve a mention all of their own, guides are supposed to be good but these guys are like walking encyclopedias with built in GPS. Just as adept at pointing out something minor like a signpost on the main street as they are scrambling through forested areas and describing how the town grew and pointing out things you’d never expect to see such as a kids play area complete with MIG fighter jet climbing frame!

On the second day we got a chance to really take a little more time, while this isn’t a ‘Whistle-stop’ tour, the first day is fairly brisk and sometimes you might not get to look through that door, or take a photo of that flower or something else. Our group left early (8am) on the second day was only 3 people + the guide so we were asked if there was anything we’d like to see, there was of course and we were bussed to wherever we wanted to go, we revisited the DUGA for more photo’s and exploration of the area. Back to Pripyat and we were able to take a little more time, seeing things in more detail, visiting the Port with it’s amazing stained glass windows, the Hospital where the firefighters were taken, the Fairground etc etc, the list goes on.

Overall I’d recommend taking this trip, and if you’re thinking of doing it, do it soon because although it will always be there, time and weather are taking their toll on the area, not to mention illegal visitors continuing to loot and trash the area.

Other advice is either buy or loan one of the Geiger counter dosimeters that SoloEast uses, not because you need to be particularly careful of the areas, but because it helps you get a real feeling for how the contamination has affected the area and actually, how clean certain areas are where you’d think would actually be dangerous. they aren’t expensive to loan and adds another element to the trip and plenty of photo opportunities.

Dave M
TripAdvisor member since 2013
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


It was an unforgettable experience for sure! The van ride out you get to see old news clips from April 1986 when it happened and prepares you for what’s to come. The sacrifice people made to stop this event and the beautiful community that is now lost forever. Tragic, scary, and eye opening. This is a MUST do if your in the Ukraine.

Tacoma, Washington

“Unforgettable experience with top class guide”

We booked the Chernobyl day tour online months before our trip and were excited ever since. We went on the 16th of June which turned out to be a day with perfect weather. The tour left from the Maidan square close to the Mcdonalds. It was very easy to spot the minibusses that would bring us to the site. We were assigned Timur as our tour guide and honestly we could not have wished for a better guide. He was wonderful in explaining to us the history and context of the situation in Chernobyl. He was very open to questions from the audience and went the extra mile to make sure everyone was enjoying their excursion to the utmost. The arrangements made by Soloeast were very good as well. The mini bus was comfortable and waiting times at checkpoints were kept to a minimum. Also the lunch that was served to us in the exclusion zone was very filling and kept us going for the rest of the day. Thanks to Soloeast and Timur we got an unforgettable day in Chernobyl/Pripyat. Personally I found the price we paid on the rather high side (90 euro p.p.) but nonetheless I would recommend anyone planning to go to Chernobyl to take Soloeast.

Thomas C
Level 3 Contributor
TripAdvisor member since 2014
Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


Everything very well organized, good meals, good bus and comfortable stay at hotel but most of all incredibly valuable guides, Nastya and Nazar! They really gave us everything for the best possible experience, being relaxed, humorous, friendly and very knowledgeable.

Saskia B
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“Just wow”

This was one of the best tours I have been on. The guide was fantastic, she was not only lovely and very personable but extremely knowledgeable and answered every question thrown at her. She made sure the tour was suited to everyone in the group (one had been before) and kept us to the schedule. She truly was fantastic! I cannot fault the tour, we saw a huge amount, were very informed and educated and had a lot of fun along the way in a location that could have been very sombre. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone travelling to Kiev, I would do it again In a heartbeat! Thank you soloeast!

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Bristol, United Kingdom

“Best tour guide ever”

Obviously, visiting Chernobyl is one of those “once in a lifetime” opportunities. No matter how you slice it, the price of the Soloeast one day tour including lunch is incredible value. Beyond that, I really felt that our guide Timur invested a lot of himself and his energy to ensure that everyone had an amazing experience. He answered questions, and let us vote on how we wanted the tour to go. He ever so slightly bent the rules so that we could all have the most amazing tour. Timur also shared his own experiences of living in the USSR, which were interesting. His sense of humor made the trip less somber that it could be. The lunch was adequate and the price was right, even if it wasn’t the best meal you’ll evereat. With this kind of tour, it is essential that you feel safe. Soloeast was very efficient and organized from beginning to end, so no one had to worry about anything. I don’t want to give too many details of the tour itself, but it was a real highlight of our trip.

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“Interesting day”

Would recommend this company. Well organized and was a fascinating day. Guides (particularly Nadia) knew a lot about this history of the event and took us to some very interesting locations. Very interesting to see and learn more about Chernobyl and will remember for a long time

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Wellington, New Zealand

“Great tour Cherynobl ”

Went on a tour of the Cherynobl exclusion zone with a couple of friends. Our tour guide was Viktoria. On the ride from Kiev to Cherynobl we watched a couple of videos to give us the background of Cherynobl. Once we arrived in the exclusion zone Viktoria did an outstanding job with the tour. She was very knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information.
Highly recommend the tour and with Viktoria if possible.

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“2 days tour”

Amazing trip! The 2 days ill well worth it! Something unique and. Really interesting.:)
My guide was professional and knowledgable, i totally recommand it:)

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Montreal, Canada

“Very high quality tour”

Firstly, thank you to our amazing guide Timur and driver Pasha who were wonderful, informative, humorous (when appropriate) and helpful answering my many questions (I’m fascinated with this part of the world so always try to dig deeper). Timur was willing to share personal reflections and his knowledge about all of Ukraine’s history made the day really valuable for me.

The day was professional, informative and organized from start to finish. The bus was very modern, clean and comfortable and I appreciated that on our way there an excellent documentary was played to provide context for what we were about to see. That it included a lot of pre-disaster footage was extra-interesting for the comparison.

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Visited May 2017

“Proffesional guide”

Very good arrangement and very proffessional guide. We were a small group with only 4 persons. The tour was set-up to our requirements. The guide Nadia had good knowledge and took us to well known and less known places. I definitely recommend both the company and our guide Nadia.
Tobias F

“Great Trip and Everything As Expected”

Had a good time with this trip. The bus was right where it said it would be and was easy to find despite 2 people that we had to wait on that were in the wrong location (not sure how that was possible as we all got the emails before the trip and the night before the trip another email was sent out explaining where we were to meet, make sure we have the passports and so on.

So we ended up leaving a little later than stated (No fault of SoloEast). The good thing is SoloEast waited for those people rather than taking off like other companies might have done.

Bus had about maybe 16 of us in it? Can’t quite remember, but it was a fine ride and there was a video we could watch as well on the way.

Got to see all the stuff laid out in the plan so we didn’t skip anything due to time which was great. Had a lunch in the town of Chernobyl which was good, but a little rushed for the amount of food we had. I don’t mind the rushing as more time to see things, but felt bad for having to leave 1/2 my food on the plate. Think they could maybe make the lunch simpler and just have sandwiches or something to make it quick, yet easily able to consume fast.

The actual trip took you to a good number of places (Duga 3, Kopachi, Zilinci (Not sure of the spelling), Pripyat, etc). As well as getting right up close to Reactor #4.

Trip was a good all day event, and we returned back to the center around 7:30pm or so.

Worth the trip, and if I do go back again, I might opt to try a 2 day trip to see even more.

I also went at the end of Eurovision and was expecting it to be packed, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There was only one other bus we would see from time to time and then a private car we saw more of. So lots of opportunities to get unlimited shots without people in them.

We were given numerous locations that we could freely roam around and explore which was great. That way we weren’t just led from here to here, and instead had a chance to explore areas ourselves as well.

Great time and a really fun time…

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Denver, CO

“Great tour, well worth the money. ”

I had Konstantin, he’s very knowledgeable, keen to take any questions, and pretty adorable aha. My only annoyance was that I travelled all the way from Canada to see Chernobyl specifically and because of Eurovision there were a lot of people and because of this we didn’t get to explore as much as I’d like. Will definitely be back in the future for a private tour, one day was not enough!

Zoe V
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Halifax Region, Canada


Recently returned from a day tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat with this company. The trip was incredible and our guide was excellent. He was friendly and informative and really went the extra mile to make sure that we got the most out of our trip. Highly recommended!!

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From London, United Kingdom

“Absolutely amazing ”
Reviewed 4 days ago NEW via mobile
Our guide Timur showed us around with alt of humor and motivation and this really made our trip absolutely unforgettable!
Livi E
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“Private tour was great!”

My husband and I only had one day to see Chernobyl so to make the most of our time we decided to go with the private tour. Konstantin was a great tour guide and was very knowledgeable about the history of Chernobyl as well as the effects of the accident continuing today. If you only have one day in Chernobyl I’d highly recommend the private tour. We were able to move at a fast pace a see a lot! Also, Konstantin did a great job of diverting us around the crowds so we had everything to ourselves, even the swimming pool and ferris wheel. It was definitely the highlight of our trip!

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From Denver, Colorado

“Recommend Private Tour ”

Had a very personal experience from a true enthusiast , Maxim who knew all the nooks and crannies and history
Managed to beat the crowds by perfect timing of the sites

Spooky visit and moving

A grey day added to the atmosphere

Well worth a day out with all its bureaucracy and giga counting picking up the hot spots

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“An Unforgetable Experience”

This was probably the best day of my life. Pripyat is haunting yet beautiful and is 100% worth visiting.

My guide was Timur who was awesome! Outstanding knowledge of the area of also great fun! Spoke very good English as well which was very helpful.

The whole day at Chernobyl and Pripyat was incredibly special with far too many highlights to list here. I got to meet some fantastic people and this truly is an experience I will never forget.

The SoloEast team where a pleasure to deal with and could not have done a better job. Not only did they organise my Chernobyl tour but they also organised a few other activities for me including a trip to the football! Hope you enjoyed the sweets!!!!

An outstanding tour!
Nigel M
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“A memorable tour that not everyone will want to do”

Initially I wondered what I had let myself in for, but in the end it was not as scary as one might think it would be – so long as one follows the rules!!! Fascinating, but the scary part is not being there but realising the devastation that nuclear power can cause. Really educational. Seeing an entire city abandoned – apartment blocks, school, leisure centre, fairground. A mausoleum to the power of USSR. Unbelievable. Highly recommended.

Susan R
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Visited April 2017

“Very good tour”

This was impressive. Walking through the effects of human failure. The tour was only accessible for 18+ so the organization took care of our 11 years old son. He also had a great time with friendly people which showed him some of the empty villages by quad. Al in al: fantastic and worth every penny!

Tim P
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Amersfoort, The Netherlands

“great tour of a very interesting place”

We had a 15 hour lay over in Kiev so booked a private tour picked up from the city centre and dropped back at the airport. Absolutely loved exploring the area and combining it with all the human stories and about the mistakes it made for a really different experience.

Our guide Konstantine really made the whole day unforgettable he was really knowledgeable on Chernobyl as well as Ukrainian politics and was happy to answer any questions often with a great sense of humour.

I’d really recommend a private tour since you see far more interesting places than a group tour and ask for Konstantine you won’t be disappointed.

If I’d ever come back I’d think about the 2 day tour as there’s so much to see.

Nick T
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Nottingham, United Kingdom


“Great trip.”

This was one of the highlights of my trip to Ukraine. Tour company was great and responsive in communicating with them before hand. Various videos about Chernobyl were shown on the way to the area. Tour guides were great and gave great information on the site. I shopped several tour companies before picking SoloEast Travel and glad I choose to go with them.

Ruben O
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Signal Hill, California

“Great Guide”

This was an awesome experience. Our guide, Igor, really made the trip a lot of fun. We had two days with him, and after the first great day I didn’t believe him when he said the second day would be even better, but it was. I think it wouldn’t have been so great without someone who knew the area well, but he was very good at allowing us to set our own pace while showing us tons of interesting stuff. Bring water and snacks, especially if you’re a picky eater, but otherwise we didn’t have to worry about much.

Ray B
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“Most amazing tour, super informative, chilling and fun at the same time.”

Thank you to Natasha in the SoloEast office for excellent communication + responding to my initial emails so quickly. The tour was well-organised from initial query to pick-up and then drop-off.

The Chernobyl tour was one of the most amazing things I’ve done. Lots of jokes before we went about safety, but the truth is you are more likely to be affected by radiation in your daily life. The documentaries shown on the journey to Chernobyl were fascinating any our guide, Timor, was super informative and able to answer all our questions.

There are a number of companies doing these tours and they all follow roughly the same route and arrange lunch at the same place. Chernobyl and Pripyat are absolutely fascinating and the story of how the disaster happened, how it was dealt with and how it’s affected the break up of the USSR and the way we think about nuclear power and nuclear defence were all covered. Many thanks to Timor, our guide; he was very engaging, adding lots of fun to the tour without taking anything away from the chilling reality.

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“Chernobyl 1 Day Tour”

A very full & stunning day of the wonder of Chernobyl region. The day was warm & sunny and the experience was haunting & melancholy. Our guide Maxim was super pro, full of information, attentiveness & patience. Also thsnks to Vlad & Tatyana. I got good vegetsrian meal at canteen once inotifoed the guide in the morning.
Cover up. I threw my shoes away after tour although it is not necessary. Take water.

Matu K
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“Brilliant hosts a great, well-organised day out”

Tour host was a young man, was brilliant and made lots of stops in mini-bus including for wildlife.

Tour was informative, host guide was great at English


very very good

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“Great quality and intresting trip!”

The trip was amazing, I though it would be more dangerous, but it’s really safe, guide is really responsible, he warns you about and explains everything, he will answer every question you may have. I am really suprised about high quality of trip, it’s entertaining and yet at the same time make you think deeply about disaster. Honestly, I really recomend this trip with SoloEast! And want to give big thanks for guide Timur, who were there for your every need and made this jorney intresting, thank you very much again!

Viktorija S

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“Incredible Day Out!

So very well organised, with great communication beforehand and a straightforward payment process. On the day your tour guide is very friendly and hugely informative (Constantine you rock!), and so long as you listen to them and play by the rules, you might even get a couple of surprises thrown your way too!

Plenty of opportunity for photos and videos along the tour – just make sure you hire a Geiger Counter for the day, you won’t regret it! An experience not to be missed, and you get a cracking Ukrainian lunch out of it as a bonus.

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Slough, United Kingdom

“Haunting and thought-provoking”

We opted for the one-day version of the tour, which departed just after 8 from Independence Square, near the Kozatskiy Hotel. It was a fascinating day, as our guides, Constantine, Vlad and Pasha drove us out to the Exclusion Zone and showed us all of the key areas of Chernobyl town, the plant and Pripyat, as well as other small villages and memorials in the area.
It’s worth noting that there is an element of risk involved in a trip like this, but it’s minimal – as long as you stick to the paths and do exactly as your guides tell you, you’ll be fine. And what’s life without a little risk?
The nearly-unused Ferris wheel and of course the plant itself are some astonishing spectacles. You’re taken to within 300m of the sarcophagus, which covers the remains of Reactor No. 4. The included lunch (with ingredients sourced from outside the Zone) is quite tasty. The radiation screening at the checkpoint on the way back is simple and unobtrusive, involving a hand scanner.
Please be very careful not to get dust on you when visiting the towns, and don’t sit on the ground or eat anything in the open air. You must also be over 18 to take part in one of these trips, but it’s well worth it for anyone remotely interested in the history of Ukraine, the Soviet Union or nuclear power.
(One last note: cover up, even if it’s warm, and consider wearing older clothes as you might wish to dispose of them afterwards, though that’s not required)

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Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

“Great day tour if you’re in Kiev”

Met up at 8am for the pickup and drive out to Chernobyl. The bus used is very nice, seemed extremely new and was very comfortable. Konstantine was our guide. He has great personality, very easy going, funny and has lots of useful information. Really enjoyed this trip. The lunch provided was very good as well, pork steak and some side dishes. Definitely worth taking this trip, its interesting and fun.

Joe A
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Houston, Texas

“Fantastic day”
Reviewed 3 days ago NEW via mobile
Well worth the trip and the guide was great. We got to see all the important sights in one day, including Pripyat.

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Stockholm, Sweden

“Fantastic experience from start to finish!”

I cannot recommend SoloEast Travel enough. The trip was great from getting picked up to being dropped off, thanks to Konstantine our guide. He was very knowledgeable and I learned so much just from listening to him on the journey to Chernobyl. He had a great sense of humour too. The trip was very well organised and we had a decent lunch in the restaurant. The only downside was the lack of toilet facilities during the day so we were advised not to drink too much.

As for Chernobyl, you really must see it for yourself as no amount of pictures or words can explain the feeling. Just make sure you do it with SoloEast Travel.

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“Great tour company and awesome site”

Really fantastic tour, easy going guide and comfortable vehicle. Can highly recommend this company and the pick up location is on the Independence Square.

I would love to have been able to spend lots more time at the sites but no tour company does.

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London, United Kingdo

“Best Guide in my 25 years of Photography”

I have photographed in over 30 countries over the past 25 years including everywhere from Machu Picchu to Easter Island. I always hire a private guide and Chernobyl was no exception. Being extremely picky in who I select, I did a LOT of research ahead of time and settled on Solo East – they are the oldest and most respected company among the several I considered. I could not be happier with my choice and was 100% satisfied. During trip planning, Natasha created a custom itinerary and then promptly corresponded with me several times until every detail was just right. The team in the Ukraine took care of every single detail from the minute I was greeted at the airport to the time I departed. Unlike any other location I have ever been to, Chernobyl is a labyrinth of regulations (there are 3 guard checkpoints just to get to Pripyat). SoloEast was superb at navigating all of these restrictions and ensuring I got access to EVERY location I wanted to shoot. I cannot stress enough how impressive this was and my guide’s ability to make this happen was critical to the success of my trip. More than just access, my guide, Konstantine, understood that I needed specific light for certain photographs and choreographed the sequence of sites and hours of the day to make best use of my precious time. When I book a private guide I have EXTREMELY high expectations but even by this standard, I got “rock star” treatment. Konstantine, and his supervisor Igor were exceptional. They have been serving international tourists for years and tailored the tour to my specific interests and happily made adjustments “on the fly” which is extremely rare. In sum, the success of your trip is almost 100% dependent on your guide and the team at Solo East was extraordinarily friendly, knowledgeable and eager to make my trip “picture perfect”.

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I cannot recommend this tour enough! Visiting Chernobyl was in itself a once in a lifetime experience and SoloEast very much added to the value. Here’s why:
– Value: I believe it is the cheapest tour available and visits all the same sites. Also includes lunch.
– Service: Absolutely OUTSTANDING. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable of Chernobyl and the sites but also of the greater context. He knew the answer to every question that was asked, including the engineering aspect. Also spoke excellent English.
– Group size: Groups are capped at 18 people
– Transit: Fun and interesting; our guide pointed out sites in Kiev as we passed, and several videos were shown on the drive to the exclusion zone

– wear comfortable shoes – lots of walking!
– take water with you – it is a full day tour!

Sarah P
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Budapest, Hungary


Visited March 2017

“Almost indescribable”
Visiting Chernobyl was the reason my wife and I went to the Ukraine. We took a private one-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat. It was totally worth the money! Our guide Maxim was very kind. He taught us a lot that day. We were picked up at 7AM at the hotel and got back to the hotel at 9PM. We’ve seen so many things that day. This was a trip that will never ever be forgotten. Highly recommended! Thanks Maxim and thanks Solo East!

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Tongeren, Belgium

“Amazing and friendly

The tour itself was well planned, organised perfectly and safety came first. Our tour guide Nadia, was great, really knew the area and great to talk too with loads of insight about Chernobyl. The bus was comfortable and with WiFi (didn’t work this trip, but you really should be checking out Chernobyl, not Facebook so not an issue for me). Thanks again for the amazing and unforgettable experience solo East and Nadia.

Danny w
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“Enriching (pun intended)”

Visiting Chernobyl was part of the reason why I went to Ukraine/Kiev, and SoloEast did a terrific job in showing us around. You start your tour in Kiev with a bit of history about Kiev and Ukraine and on the 2 hr drive to the exclusion zone you’re shown a couple of videos and interviews with Gorbachev and the likes giving their account of what happens. Once in the exclusion zone, you drive through a couple of small towns where you get out and get to peak inside a couple of buildings like a daycare center or a former cultural center. They take you into the mandatory resettlement zone, all the way up to reactor number 4 before you get to spend a couple of hours in the ghost town of Pripyat. Nice add is that you spend lunch in a still operating hotel in the town of Chernobyl. It’s a must see!

You can take some snacks/drinks with you (leave them on the bus once in the exclusion zone) and DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT.

Wout V
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from Ghent, Belgium

“Cheapest Charnobyl tour”

It was definitely the cheapest tour to Charnobyl I found and at the same time the quality of the tour was totally satifiying. We saw all the places we wanted to see. Our guide was a really funny guy, english speaking, with sufficient knowledge about the place. I can trully recommend this company.

Magdalena F
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I wanna genuinely thank

I wanna genuinely thank you and my guide Constantine and driver Pasha for a life changing trip to the zone yesterday. I have always wanted to go to the zone but live far from Ukraine and had never had a chance, but after managing to get to Kiev and doing research I had ever faith that your company would give the best possible experience!
The guide was extremely knowledgeable and very funny which helped relieve any nerves and the bus was extremely comfortable. Thank you for this experience and you can bet I’ll be back, next time with friends!

Darryl Miles, Spain

“Positive Reaction to Reactor #4”

My husband and I went to Chernobyl on Thursday the 2nd of March with Kostya, his trainee Timor, and 3 other tourists. The weather was great, and with no leaves on the trees we could see a lot more than in summertime. Nature has truly taken back much of the terrain. Due to the small group size it was more like a private tour, Kostya did an excellent job explaining Soviet political mind-set of the time just before the disaster. The new Quonset style shelter is now in place over reactor #4 however, I think it’s a great visual on its own given its enormous size. Definitely gives some perspective on the size of what they had to cover up.
We highly recommend this tour, it was engaging and an important history lesson that everyone should learn.
I rented a radiation detector that initially seemed to be not worth the hassle, but later in the tour it turned out to be an interesting conversation piece as it would go off on its own after I had forgotten about it in my pocket.
The tour is a solid 10-11 hours, so ensure your camera battery is fully charged or you have extras handy.

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Ontario, Canada

“Great experience and great guides – a must do if visiting Kiev”

We did the day trip to Chernobyl with Solo East travel and had a very interesting and great day. The day began at 8am and finished at 7pm. We made several stops in the exclusion zone and got plenty of time to take photos

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Brisbane, Australia


Visited February 2017:

Visited January 2017: