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I was hesitant about visiting Chernobyl. I suppose everyone is. You can read things on-line and think about it a million times, but if you do decide to go then I can only urge you to book with SoloEast. We went as part of a group on 6th October 2017.

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At every point they were professional and friendly. Our guides, Igor (and a lovely girl I have forgotten the name of, but for ease I’ll call her Ana…I apologise if you read this and get offended) were very knowledgeable and answered all our questions without hesitation. The tour left a little late because of the number of people they had to check in, but you cannot enter the Exclusion zone until 10am anyway, so the 8am meeting time allows for these kind of admin procedures. The company had 3 minibuses, all of them were full apart from mine, which only had 3 empty seats.

Once inside the zone we were given so much information about the things we were saying, they debunked myths, told us about the company and kept us safe at every turn. We got to see inside some buildings, which is officially frowned upon, but at no point were we in danger because Ana knew exactly where we could go and what we could see. She showed us so much and had so much information about what we were seeing. She made us feel like we were in good hands. I had no idea that we would visit Duga-3, the abandoned Soviet listening post, but it was a real treat. Igor had stories and first hand experience of the disaster which he told us while navigating his way through the abandoned city. His viewpoints and memories of how the event affected daily Ukrainian life are fascinating.

I personally would not visit Chernobyl again because now that I have seen it I don’t think I would appreciate it again a second time. This is in no way a bad mark against Solo East. They are fantastic and I cannot recommend their services enough.