Dears friends

Dears friends 🙂
Referring you our previous post when we promised to tell you which measures we take to prevent the spread of Covid during a tour and in Ukraine we have prepared a big list of things we do during pandemic:
✅the most important thing is wearing a mask when physical distancing is impossible, there are masks and sanitizers in all our all buses❗️
✅social distance❗️ to keep travelers safe we minimized the number of people in on group! Nowadays no more than 7-10 persons in a bus unless it is a private tour and people want to be in one minibus ❗️
✅temperature check even IN CHERNOBYL 🤭Yes❗️ There is a temperature check in Chernobyl, before entering a cafeteria in Chernobyl you get checked also ❗️
✅distance between tables❗️No more than 2-3 , upon request 4 people max at one table❗️
‼️We respect all the rules and YOUR SAFETY IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY ‼️
As they say the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus.
P.S. ironically, but Chernobyl at the moment is one of the safest places in the world 🌍
Stay safe and take care 🙃 Looking forward to seeing you one our tours soon🙂