You won’t believe radiation on an airplane vs Chernobyl – all flight attendance must watch.

We did a research that proves that a trip to Chernobyl is safer then a flight from Ukraine (where Chernobyl is located) to North America.
Some basic facts:
The normal level of radiation is anywhere between 0.09 -0.30 micro Sieverts an hour. It can’t be 0 – this is the fact. Anything above 0.30 micro Sieverts is called – low, medium and high level of radiation. Radiation can be from air and Terrestrial sources (on our Planet) or it can come from the Sun – Cosmic. High radiation is accumulative but it discharges from humans and animals in normal environment.
Five hottest in term of back ground radiation spots on the earth:
Guarapari, Brazil – up to 19 micro Sieverts per hour
Ramsar, Iran – up to 28 micro Sieverts per hour
Paralana Hot Springs, Arkaroola, Australia – up to 20 micro Sieverts per hour
Yangjiang, China – over 6 micro Sieverts
Karunagappally, India – up to 22 micro Sieverts

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