“Best Guide in my 25 years of Photography”

I have photographed in over 30 countries over the past 25 years including everywhere from Machu Picchu to Easter Island. I always hire a private guide and Chernobyl was no exception. Being extremely picky in who I select, I did a LOT of research ahead of time and settled on Solo East – they are the oldest and most respected company among the several I considered. I could not be happier with my choice and was 100% satisfied. During trip planning, Natasha created a custom itinerary and then promptly corresponded with me several times until every detail was just right. The team in the Ukraine took care of every single detail from the minute I was greeted at the airport to the time I departed. Unlike any other location I have ever been to, Chernobyl is a labyrinth of regulations (there are 3 guard checkpoints just to get to Pripyat). SoloEast was superb at navigating all of these restrictions and ensuring I got access to EVERY location I wanted to shoot. I cannot stress enough how impressive this was and my guide’s ability to make this happen was critical to the success of my trip. More than just access, my guide, Konstantine, understood that I needed specific light for certain photographs and choreographed the sequence of sites and hours of the day to make best use of my precious time. When I book a private guide I have EXTREMELY high expectations but even by this standard, I got “rock star” treatment. Konstantine, and his supervisor Igor were exceptional. They have been serving international tourists for years and tailored the tour to my specific interests and happily made adjustments “on the fly” which is extremely rare. In sum, the success of your trip is almost 100% dependent on your guide and the team at Solo East was extraordinarily friendly, knowledgeable and eager to make my trip “picture perfect”.

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