Itinerary for One Day Tour (English speaking guide)

  • SoloEast's staff will meet you at the departure point, check passports, dress code, etc. If you need to be picked up at your location we can do that too - just let us know.
  • Drive to Chernobyl with passing Dytyatky checkpoint (on the border of the 30-km Exclusion Zone). We show you an informative and stunning documentary you'll like during a 2-hour ride.
  • Entry to the 30km Exclusion Zone. Meeting your guide (if a guide doesn't come with you from Kiev).
  • On the way to the town of Chernobyl we see a small abandoned village Cherevach and the largest village of the Chernobyl area, Zalissya.
  • Arrival to Chernobyl. Introductory briefing on the Exclusion Zone administrative division and regulations, RAW disposal, etc.
  • Sightseeing Chernobyl town: Wormwood Star memorial, St. Ilya Church, Memorial "To Those who Saved the World", photo stop at the place with robots and vehicles used to clean the radioactive fallout.
  • Entry to the 10 km Zone by passing Leliv checkpoint.
  • On the way to the Power Plant we stop at almost fully buried Kopachi village and check it's kindergarten which we can enter.
  • The third stage of the ChNPP (uncompleted reactors # 5, # 6, and unfinished cooling towers).
  • Sightseeing new sarcophagus of Reactor #4 from a 270 m distance.
  • Stop near the Red Forest and Pripyat road sign.
  • Sightseeing Pripyat town: Lenin Street, the main square, the palace of culture, Polissya hotel, supermarket; Ferris wheel, the stadium, school, swimming pool, hospital, etc.
  • Drive through the tiny part of western radioactive trace.
  • Passage through Leliv checkpoint. Radiation control before the lunch.
  • Lunch at the Chernobyl canteen - all ingredients are brought from the outside and ecologically clean. A vegetarian meal is available upon request.
  • Important -Duga 3 (so called "Russian Woodpecker", military over the horizon radar and it?s base called "Chernobyl 2") - IS OPEN FOR VISITS AGAIN
  • > Final check out at Dytyatki checkpoint. Compulsory radiation control.
  • Return back to Kiev anywhere between 7:00 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.